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David Lampe Poetry Collection


Donor: Dr. David Lampe.
Date of Acquisition: 2006. Processed: 2007.
Size of Collection: Archival material: 3 boxes; 4.5 linear feet. Monographic material: 940+ books; 41 linear feet.

Historical Background

The David Lampe Collection of archival and book material represents the first holdings obtained under the E.H. Butler Library's "Special Collections of Special Professors" initiative. Dr. Lampe, a native Iowan, earned his PhD from the University of Nebraska, and taught at Buffalo State College for over 35 years. His areas of interest and research range from Medieval to modern poetry. Dr. Lampe's subject expertise is reflected in his donation to E.H. Butler Library. The collection is comprised of two parts, representing Dr. Lampe’s collection of monographs as well as correspondence/subject files.

Contents and Inventory

Monographic Material: The David Lampe Collection is partially comprised of 940+ books of research materials, general interest, and poetry texts, written by American, Australian, Canadian, English, and Irish authors. Many of these books are rare, first editions, and/or signed by the authors. A complete catalogue of holdings maintained by Buffalo State College can be accessed here: The David Lampe Collection

Archival Material: Also included in the donation are over 85 correspondence and subject files, representing Dr. Lampe's work with and study of various local, national, and global poets. These files contain background information, poems and copies of poems and other works, correspondence, as well as notice of the poets' lectures and Dr. Lampe's notes and written introductions of the authors.

These files have been reprocessed in alphabetic order by poet; multiple files have remained distinct, in original order.

Additionally, the collection contains audio and visual recordings of over 100 poets and writers Dr. Lampe invited to Buffalo State College. These recordings are currently being migrated to more stable and usable formats.

Archival Material: Correspondence and Subject Files:

Box 1:

  1. Adam, Jane. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, chapbook. 2005-2007
  2. Agousin, Marjorie. Biographical information, flyers, introduction. (ca.) 1992.
  3. Anderson, David. Flyer, biographical information, introduction. 2010, [n.d.].
  4. Antler. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, introduction, 1985-1987.
  5. Archer, Nuala. Correspondence, reprinted poems, 1986-1988.
  6. (Four) Australian Poets. Correspondence, reprinted poems, flyers, notes. 1986.
  7. Baird, Ansie. Broadside, correspondence, newspaper clippings. 2004, 2008, 2010.
  8. Baracka, Amiri. Biographical information. 2009.
  9. Basinski, Michael. Signed broadside, 2001.
  10. Berry, Wendell. Correspondence, introduction, reprinted essay, 1983-1987.
  11. Black, Ralph. Introduction, newspaper clippings. 2010.
  12. Blaser, Robin. Biographical information, notes on "serial poems," poems, (ca.) 1988.
  13. Boccaccio. Broadsides, flyers, proposal. 1975.
  14. Boitani, Piero. Correspondence, flyers, biographical information. (ca.) 1989.
  15. Bowering, George. Biographical information, correspondence, flyer, 1988-1990.
  16. Bruchac, Joseph. Biographical information, correspondence, flyers, introduction, reprinted poems, ephemera, newspaper clippings. 1983-1989, 2007
  17. Budbill, David. Biographical information, correspondence, flyers, journal articles, notes, photographs, reprinted poems, ephemera, 1980-2006.
  18. Budbill, David. Pulp Cutters Nativity: A Poem in Two Acts, 1980; draft, (The Map of Life or What?) What Do We Teach when We Teach Art?: Art and the Teaching of Art in an Elementary School, (ca.) 1980-(ca.) 1984.
  19. Bullough, Vern. Correspondence. 1993-1996
  20. Burtchfield-Penney Poets and Writers Series. Articles, correspondence, broadsides. 1989-2010
  21. Callaghan, Barry. Biographical information, flyers, notes on When Things Get Worst, periodical articles, sotires 1986-1995, 2008.
  22. Callaghan, Barry. Biographical information; introductions; manuscript, When Things Get Worst; newspaper clippings; photos; Hoag/Rosenblatt correspondence, 1993-2003.
  23. Carlson, Doug. Introduction, invitation, [n.d.].
  24. Carson, Ciaran. Correspondence, flyer, (ca.) 1998.
  25. Castro, Maria Elena. Flyer, [n.d.].
  26. Chambers, Matt. Printed cards of photographic reprints and printed text, with printed envelop, [n.d.].
  27. Clarke, Austin. Flyer, introduction, photographs, newspaper clippings, letter (ca.)1993, 2003.
  28. Cole, Norma. Broadside. 1989.
  29. Conference, Counter. Introductions, schedules, correspondence. (ca.) 1971.
  30. Conference, 1973. Schedule, introductions, attendance sheet, The Management of Knowledge Aspects of Higher Education’s Role, Administration Cost Accounting : Whose Cost and Whose Accounting. 1973.
  31. Cooper Conference. Broadside, correspondence. 2007.
  32. Cornell Viking Series. Correspondence, papers on Vikings, notes. (ca.) 1980
  33. Creeley, Robert. Correspondence, photographs, ephemera, 1989-1996.
  34. Crozier, Lorna. Flyers, biographical information. [n.d.]
  35. Debeljak, Ales. Biographical information, correspondence, flyers, introduction, ephemera, 1994-1995.
  36. Deane, John F. Correspondence, reprinted poems, ephemera, 1989-2003.
  37. Dennis, Carl. Correspondence, magazine clipping. 1996, 2010.
  38. DeVries, Kelly. Flyer. [n.d.]
  39. Doda, Chris. Introduction. [n.d.].
  40. Duncan, Robert. Broadside. 1993, 2008.
  41. Frank, Bernhard. Broadside, outline. 2010, [n.d.].
  42. Ehrhardt, W.D. (Bill). Correspondence, introduction, notes, photographs, 1991-1993, 1998.
  43. Emile, Paul Cardinal L?ger. Copy of newspaper article. [n.d.].
  44. Ewart, Gavin. Correspondence, reprints of poems, 1988-1990.
  45. Gilliam, Jimmie Margaret. Flyer. 1998.
  46. Forrest. Lisa. Copy of Wintering, signed on back. 2008.
  47. Goldsmith, Ann. Newspaper clipping. 2010.
  48. Grennan, Eamon. Biographical information, correspondence, flyers, introductions, poems, reprints of papers, 1977(?)-1995.
  49. Grosholz, Emily. Correspondence, family photographs, flyer, poems, 1984-(ca.) 1998.
  50. Guitart, Jorge. Copies of publications, reprints of poems, 1996-1997, 2006.
  51. Hammond, Mac. Reprints of poems, 1996-1997.
  52. Hahn, Thomas. Flyer. [n.d.].
  53. Harjo, Joy. Flyer, photographs taken at E.H. Butler Library, Buffalo State College), 1984.
  54. Harrison, Richard. Correspondence, 1989-1991.
  55. Harsent, David. Biographical information; correspondence; flyer; manuscript, Ring Dance of the Nazarene; news and periodical clippings, photographs, poems, paper: Who’s the Poet Now?, David Harsent’s Gawain (1991). 1984-2009.
  56. Henderson, David. Introduction, notes, [n.d.].
  57. Heyen, William. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, 1993-1998.
  58. Howe, Susan. Reprint of interview with Edward Foster, 1989.
Box 2:
  1. Huddle, David. Biographical information, correspondence, introductions, (ca.) 1993.
  2. Hybris, Batrachomyonachia. Introduction, [n.d.].
  3. Irish-American Film Festival. Flyers. (ca.) 1987
  4. Joyce, Michael. Correspondence, reprint of periodical article, 1983-1987.
  5. Just Buffalo Literary Center. Limited edition broadsides: Lucille Clifton, Dianne Glancy, Kimiko Hahn, Randall Kenan, 1995.
  6. Keating, Diane. Correspondence, introductions, (ca.) 1991.
  7. Kelley, Elizabethe. Excerpts, acknowledgments. [n.d.]
  8. Kennedy, Edward Donald. Offprint Malory’s Noble Tale of Sir Launcelot du Lake, the Vulgate Lancelot, and the Post-Vulgate Roman du Graal. 1993
  9. Kennedy, William. Flyers, [n.d.].
  10. Kenny, Maurice. Biographical information; correspondence; manuscript, Tekonwatonti/Molly Brant (1735-1795): Poems of War, notes, ephemera, 1985-1992.
  11. Kenny, Maurice. Biographical information, correspondence, introductions, poems, ephemera, 1984-1997.
  12. Keough, Joe. Photograph, correspondence, poems. 1980-1993
  13. Killian, Kevin. Flyer, play, notes. (ca.) 2009.
  14. Kinsella, Thomas. Biographical information, correspondence, flyers, introduction, photographs, ephemera, 1981-1994.
  15. Klinkenborg, Verlyn. Newspaper clippings, reviews, (ca.) 1991.
  16. Kloefkorn, William. Biographical information, correspondence, flyers, introduction, notes, photographs, ephemera, 1984-1990.
  17. Kloefkorn, William. Manuscript, Going Out, Coming Back, [n.d.].
  18. Kogawa, Joy. Biographical information, correspondence, flyer, introduction, newspaper clippings, (ca.) 1988-2003.
  19. Kunitz, Stanley. Newspaper clippings, 2003.
  20. Lampe, David. Flyers, writings, reviews, notes, poem. 1989, 2007, [n.d.].
  21. Lampe, David; 2nd Shepherd’s Play. Reprint of Form in 2nd Shepherd’s Play, correspondence, The Magi and Modes of Meaning: Second Shepherd’s play as an Index of the Criticism of Medieval Drama. 1986-1987.
  22. Lampe, David; Canada Travel. Newspaper clippings, travel guide, research. 1985-1989.
  23. Lampe, David; Chaucer Peer Review. Lampe’s notes. 1988.
  24. Lampe, David; Correspondence (1). 1960-1989.
  25. Lampe, David; Correspondence (2). 1990-2011.
  26. Lampe, David, The Courtly Rhetoric of Chaucer’s Advisory Poetry. Correspondence, paper with corrections. (ca.) 1982.
  27. Lampe, David; An Iconoclast’s Inventory. Poems with notes, correspondence. (ca.) 1998
  28. Lampe, David; Irish American Anthology(1). Poems, correspondence, copy of newspaper clipping, permission to reprint, booklet of poems, introduction with notes. (ca.) 1987-1988.
  29. Lampe, David, Irish American Anthology(2). Poems, correspondence, permission to reprint, booklet of poems. (ca.) 1987-1988.
  30. Lampe, David; The Legend of Being Irish. Poems, correspondence, permission to reprint, introduction with notes, outline. (ca.) 1988.
  31. Lampe, David; Voices & Myths. Preface with corrections, correspondences. (ca.) 1993
  32. Lane, Patrick. Biographical information, correspondence, notes, reprints of articles and poems, 1989-1990.
  33. LaVilla-Havelin, Jim. Correspondence, introduction, notes, (ca.)1980-(ca.)1986.
  34. Lewandowski, Steve. Correspondence, introduction, notes, reprints of articles, 1986-1988.
  35. Loomis, R.M. Correspondence, 1988-1994.
  36. MacIntyre, Tom. Introduction, photographs (at Buffalo Seminary), (ca.) 1983.
  37. Martin, Grace. Biographical information, correspondence, essays, poems, 1993-2000.
Box 3:
  1. Martin, Grace. Biographical information, correspondence, essays, poems, ephemera, 1995-2003.
  2. Martin, Grace. Parts 1 and 2 of DUH. (ca.) 2001.
  3. MacAuley, James J. Correspondence, introduction, photographs, poems, reprints of poems, ephemera, newspaper clippings, stories. (ca.) 1970-(ca.) 1990.
  4. Matheson, Lister. Correspondence. 1989.
  5. Mazzaro, Jerome. Flyer, introduction, (ca.) 1992.
  6. McMillan, Terry. Biographical information, excerpted essays, lecture information, (ca.) 1992.
  7. Merrill, Christopher. Biographical information, flyer, (ca.) 1994.
  8. Monga, Luigi. Repriints, correspondence, newspaper clippings. 1975-1984
  9. Montague, John. New Siege, story about John, The Rough Field: Topos and Texne, writings, correspondence, flyers. 1970-1975, [n.d.]
  10. Montague, John. An Occasion of Sin-working notes. 1992
  11. Montague, John. An Occasion of Sin- notes from D. Lampe, correspondence, newspaper clipping. 1992
  12. Montague, John. Biographical information, Buffalo State College-related personnel information, flyers, photographs, ephemera, review, introduction, magazine article 1981-1989, 1996.
  13. Morency, Pierre. Biographical information, excerpts of essays, flyers, introduction, [n.d.].
  14. Morgan, Robert. Biographical information, book reviews, introduction, manuscripts, reprints of poems, (ca.) 1985-(ca.) 1999.
  15. Moses, Berry. Introduction, reprinted poems, notes, Itinerary. 2011.
  16. Mosley, Walter. Articles, reviews, 1995.
  17. Murphy, Richard. Correspondence, flyer, introduction, notes, (ca.) 1990.
  18. Murray, Joan. Correspondence, poems, photographs, 1982-1997.
  19. Musgrave, Susan. Correspondence, 1992-1993.
  20. Nowak, Mark. Copy of newspaper article. 2005
  21. O'Brian, Tim. Biographical information, flyer, (ca.) 1995.
  22. O'Driscoll, Ciaran. Biographical information, correspondence, draft novel, notes, photographic slides, notes, 1991-1995. [See also Macdara Woods file {2-25} for printed reviews.]
  23. Olofsson, Tommy. Correspondence, introduction, notes, (ca.) 1992.
  24. Oppenheimer, Joel. Correspondence; photographs; printed poems, including copies of Houses, The Dutiful Son, The Love Bit and others, ephemera, 1962(?)-1988.
  25. Ortiz, Simon. Correspondence, photographs, (ca.) 1987.
  26. Pearsall, Derek. Correspondence. 1982, 1986, 1987.
  27. Quark, Felix. Introduction. [n.d.].
  28. Retallack, Joan. Introduction, notes, reprinted poems, (ca.) 1985.
  29. Robbins, Sherry (Sheryl). Reprinted poems with notes, 1996-1998, 2001.
  30. Robin Hood. Broadside, flyer. 1997, 2001
  31. Romtvedt, David. Correspondence, flyer, introduction, 1992.
  32. Photograph, correspondence.1968-1987.
  33. Scott, Herb. Biographical information, correspondence, flyer, notes, photographs, 1984-1986.
  34. Sipos, Irene. Correspondence, newspaper clippings. 2009-2010. [n.d.]
  35. Stallworthy, Jon. Correspondence, 1985.
  36. Stevens, James Thomas. Flyer, introduction, 2005.
  37. Taylor, Henry. Biographical information; correspondence; introduction; notes; syllabus for Fall 1986 David Lampe course with mention of Taylor's work, The Flying Change, 1986.
Box 4:
  1. (Four) Tennessee Poets. Photographs: Carde Knuth, Maggi Vaughan, Denise Satterfield Wilson, unidentified male, 2002.
  2. Thomas, Piri. Correspondence, flyer, newspaper clippings, (ca.) 1991.
  3. Tranter, John. Correspondence, flyer, notes, periodical articles, photographs, 1985-(ca.) 1988.
  4. Tritto, Michael. Newspaper clippings. 2003, 2009, [n.d.].
  5. Uppall, Priscilla. Correspondence, photographic series at Buffalo State College reading, 2003.
  6. Urquhart, Jane. Flyer, (ca.) 1994.
  7. Vaughn, Margaret Britton. Flyer. [n.d.].
  8. Vincent, Dean R. Correspondence; short story, "Smoke and Mirrors," 1996-1997.
  9. Virgo, Sean. Biographical information, correspondence, flyers, introduction, newspaper clippings, notes, miscellaneous printed material, 1991-1995.
  10. Walsh, Joy. Copy of Locating Positions. (ca.) 1979
  11. Wesley, Patrica Jabbeh. Flyer. [n.d.]
  12. Witte, Francine. Correspondence, poems, (ca.) 1989.
  13. White, Paul. Introduction, correspondence, poems. 2009.
  14. White Pine. Introduction, schedule. 1990, [n.d.].
  15. Wilks, Claire Weissman. Broadside. [n.d.].
  16. Woods, Macdara. Biographical information; correspondence; photographs; printed material, including Cyphers (30), Winter/Spring 1988-1989 issue with review of Ciaran O'Driscoll [q.v. file 2-6].
  17. The York Plays. Schedule, broadsides. 1998
  18. Miscellaneous material. Broadsides, Buffalo State College- and course-related material, correspondence, poet-related material, ephemera, miscellanea, (ca.) 1988-2006.
Box 5: Oversized Material.
  1. Poster. Announcement: "Tom Mac Intyre [sic]…reading from his own works," 1983. [See also Tom McIntyre file, 1-51.]
  2. Poster. Announcement: "[I]naugural lecture in the FSA Lecture Series featuring William Kennedy." Held at Buffalo State College. 1991.
  3. Art. Colored pencil on board. "Impressionist Portrait of a Poet." Rendering of Eamon Grennan by Ann O. Kelly, [n.d.].

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