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Lester Glassner African American Experience Collection: Artifacts, Sheet Music, and Ephemera


Donor: Lester Glassner
Date of Acquisition: 2009. Processed: 2011, by Marjorie Lord, MLS.
25 bins; 50 linear feet; contents, ca. 1850- ca. 2005.

Historical Background

There is a 1981 nostalgia-laden book of photographs and text entitled Dime Store Days (New York, Viking Press). Authored by Lester Glassner with accompanying photos taken by his friend, Brownie Harris, this wonder-filled, wonderful book offers the interested reader the best autobiographical introduction to the man whose Black Memorabilia Collection is now housed in the Archives and Special Collections of E.H. Butler Library. This book is available through the Library Archives accompanying the collection here presented, and is highly recommended.

Born February 23, 1939, Lester's childhood was spent among a variety of towns and cities in upstate New York, including Buffalo, Geneva, Auburn and Lockport, as he moved frequently with his parents who, by necessity, followed employment opportunities occasioned by the war. Life in the years during and immediately following World War II offered little in terms of nurturing a bright and cheerful childhood. Lester, as a young boy, must have sensed this and either by chance or sheer determination, frequently accompanied by his mother Beatrice, was able to find his way out of this lack-lustre reality through two unusual venues: the 5-and-10-cent stores and the movie theatres. Apparently Lester had a certain amount of after-school freedom (as opposed to 21st century children whose every waking moment is scheduled). He went to the movies - a lot! As he recalls in his book, the B-rated Hollywood movies, trashy, low-budget and dumbed-down as they were, had a healthy contempt for reality. The stars who populated these films became the basis of a vast collection of signed "8 by 10 glossies" that he amassed over a period of years, as well as the impetus for an active interest in early theatre architecture and interior décor of movie houses. The other venue was the "5-and 10s" as they were called, such as Kresge's, Neisner's, Grants, and Woolworth's. Every time the Glassner family moved, there was a new one to be explored. Wandering the aisles of these magical stores offered a virtually endless variety of wonders for an imaginative child. He loved all the plastic tawdriness of this merchandise, and as he recalls, the fantasy-filled contents of the dime stores were his "tickets to a land that lay somewhere over the rainbow - object lessons in how to survive the dreariness of war and post-war reality." At the time of publication of Dime Store Days, Quentin Crisp noted in the foreword that Lester's memory "dwell[ed] not on the sparseness of these years but on the brittle ornaments with which he desperately tried to decorate them." In the years following the publication of the book, Lester Glassner lived with his various collections in a small private museum, actually a 4-story town house on E. 7th Street which was also his almost comfortless home until his death.

Perhaps his Black Memorabilia collection grew from these early days of browsing in the dime stores. Certainly these items were available in such places, in addition to their proliferation in souvenir shops. His friend, Eda Sutcliffe Kenney, in a recent telephone conversation recalls that Lester's early involvement with African Americans stemmed from a love of their music. She mentioned his frequent solo visits to the jazz clubs, during his Lafayette High School days, especially on Buffalo's east side, and he innately sensed the enormous talent of Billie Holliday and other black artists. His involvement with African Americans and their culture expanded to include film, and as he matured in age and experience, he wanted it all - the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful and the humorous. The collection is vast, numbering over twenty boxes, with many items represented in numerous and perhaps unnecessary duplication. But Eda related that friends and family knew of Lester's collecting mania in this area and whenever out and about, purchased items for him that they thought he might like, or might not have. Chief among these was his father Abraham Glassner who routinely haunted Kelly's Flea Market for him.

Starting the collection was a deliberate and conscious effort, one that eventually became so important that Mr. Glassner moved what had become his "museum/residence" from lower Manhattan to Harlem, just a year or so before his death. It was also a decision made well before Black Memorabilia became a capital letter phrase, before it became the rather controversial racial/economical/political issue that has concerned black as well as white collectors ever since.

Black Collectibles, Black Memorabilia, Negrobilia, Black Americana, Black Ephemera...the term or phrase is a matter of personal choice. Nevertheless, they all refer to a vast array of items made in, or with the image of an African American. Kenneth Goings, in his 1994 book Mammy and Uncle Mose: Black Collectibles and American Stereotyping continues this definition: "...literally tens of thousands of such items were produced in the United States, Europe and Asia from the 1880s through the late 1950s...almost universally derogatory with exaggerated racial features that helped to prove that African Americans were not only different but inferior as well." These items were developed by whites, manufactured by whites for a white audience.

Many amateur and professional writers and collectors, both popular and academic, generally agree with Goings' historical perspective that the market for these items emerged shortly after the birth of the "New South" following Reconstruction. A consumer culture developed with a commercial attitude that appealed to members of the white working class who were ready and willing to purchase anything that enhanced their social status, self-esteem and racial superiority. The advertising industry capitalized on this craving for a psychological "feel-good," promoting catchy phrases, slogans and distinctive trademarks making use of black images and themes involving both adults and children, in a stereotypical and derogatory way. Humor was pervasive in the advertising as well as the products: the comical element was there to mitigate the inherent backdrop of disparagement and hatred - just enough humor to keep the customer interested and the product desirable.

Most Black Memorabilia were produced as tourist souvenirs, usable household goods, decorative articles and "works of art" - cheap, mass produced and sold in variety stores. There seemed to be little or no attention paid to detail or aesthetics as manufacturers were after the quick sell, the cute stereotype, the hook that would snag the customer. It is from this era that Aunt Jemima, Uncle Mose, Uncle Rastus, Sambo, the Mammy and the Pickaninny became familiar, endearing and lovable (although always laughable) characters in the white zeitgeist of American popular culture. They always appeared happy - I'm OK, you're OK. The black and white populations lived relatively segregated from each other and for a while these images and stereotypes continued to exist unchallenged.

Production of these items began to slow a bit during the 1930s and 1940s, and those that were produced seemed a little less virulently racist and disparaging. The Second World War, Rosa Parks, the Korean War, the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, the Black Panthers and the ensuing social and political turbulence, events that were shattering to say the least, helped incidentally to relegate Black Memorabilia to the attics and basements. Items were packed away, forgotten or, worse, discarded. The next generation unpacked the boxes with an entirely new perception of what was left behind, seeing the contents as historical symbols, still not pleasant by any means, but as curiosities, possible collectibles. As more and more African Americans achieved middle and upper class status during the 1990s, they also acquired the taste and desire for antiques and had the disposable income with which to purchase what they wanted.

Although whites were the original consumers of these items, before they took on their new status as memorabilia, by the turn of the twenty-first century the market for these objects, now seen as historical artifacts, had become 75% African American. And with this new market a new set of controversies developed, primarily over who should be purchasing these, if anyone, and why - what are the motivations (conscious as well as unconscious) for dealing in this "stuff" - for collecting and buying/selling these items for frequently large sums of money. Some African American collectors make their purchases solely to keep the items out of the hands of whites, and further, to prevent whites from "owning" blacks in this new way and possibly making money at their expense. Other Black collectors want to keep their history "in the family" so to speak, yet others have sheer economic interest in a profitable investment. Many black as well as white collectors are knowledgeable connoisseurs in this regard. There are annual meetings, shows, conventions, websites, frequently published price guides, catalogs and encyclopedias to keep them informed of the market for these artifacts. However, it is important to consider yet another viewpoint: there are many who feel that circulating Black Memorabilia by any ethnic or racial group for any reason amounts to trafficking in racist images. Counter this with the much more laissez-faire policy that in a free society anyone should be able to collect anything desired without being blamed, harassed or persecuted.

For further reading, the following books and articles were consulted in preparing this essay:

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Goings, Kenneth, Mammy and Uncle Mose: Black Collectibles and American Stereotyping, Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1994.

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Contents and Inventory

Finding Aid/Box 1: Items 1-20

  1. 9 inch tall black female soft doll, fabric clothing, some hand stitching; "made in England by Norah Welling" imprinted on shoe.
  2. 16 inch tall black male doll, straw-stuffed body, painted facial features, fabric clothing.
  3. 6 inch tall black male doll, molded plastic body with movable arms, legs and eyes, fabric clothing.
  4. 6 inch tall black female doll, molded ceramic body with moveable arms, legs, painted face; fabric clothing with cotton basket on her back.
  5. 12 inch tall black female doll, stuffed felt body, fabric clothes, green yarn at ankles and wrist, small hair ribbons.
  6. 5 inch tall black baby doll, molded ceramic body, moveable arms , legs, painted facial features, fabric clothing.
  7. 3 inch tall round glass container, black face, fuzzy-haired caricature mounted on lid with two small painted bumps on bottom sides of glass to represent feet.
  8. 8 1/2 inch black female doll, molded ceramic body, moveable head, arms, legs and eyes, pink hand-crocheted dress, trimmed in green with satin bow at neck.
  9. 5 1/2 inch clear glass cologne bottle, caricature black face on white lid with red ribbon; label imprinted: "Eau de Cologne, Golliwog, Vigny, Paris, France"; some residue inside bottle.
  10. 2 1/4 inch high, 4 1/2 inch long ornamental article, painted ceramic toilet on orange wheels with movable wooden lid, being pushed/pulled by two small black boys, "ashes" imprinted on side.
  11. 3 1/2 inch circular metal blue and white campaign pin depicting Martin Luther King Jr. in center. Edge imprinted: "Poor Peoples Campaign for Poor Power" and "I have a dream...".
  12. 2 inch X 2 1/2 inch heavy paper packet shaped and styled like a typical book of matches, in pink and black. Inside are ten 'matches', the tips of which, when moistened and applied to hosiery are said to stop runs. Also enclosed is a small cardboard wrapped with thread and needle; distributed as a purse sample.
  13. 6 inch high glass jar filled with wrapped candy. Jar functions as 'body' of black male, with molded plastic face, painted features. Tootsie Rolls are glued in profusion to side and back of head, white felt hat at top.
  14. 5 inch tall ceramic ornamental articles, pair - black boy and girl, painted features. A small hollow at side of each figurine suggests these may have functioned as dispensers for matches or toothpicks.
  15. 12 inch tall black ceramic boy, chubby with painted features, slot in top of head suggests this is a piggy bank. Possible mate to item 16.
  16. 12 inch tall black ceramic girl, chubby with painted features, slot in top of head suggests this is a piggy bank. Possible mate to item 15.
  17. 6 inch ceramic wall ornament with two hooks at bottom, possibly for hanging keys or other small objects. Black face with painted exaggerated features, water melon held under chin, small hardware embedded on back.
  18. 6 inch wide black female torso figure, painted features; badly damaged, residue on surface.
  19. 8 1/2 inch tall seated black boy, solid ceramic and quite heavy, painted features. Surface damage.
  20. 10 inch long mechanical ornamental article which, when activation mechanism functioned, apparently hind legs of mule kicked a black male seated on ground. Inscription: "Always did 'spise a mule." Underside: "Pat Apr 22 1879 & pendg."
Finding Aid/Box 2: Items 1-45
  1. 1 1/2 X 2 1/2 inch plastic black boy, arms raised on small black platform with simulated wheel base, painted features, two dice on platform.
  2. 4 inch tall hollow plastic black male figure, movable arms, holding cane, dressed in white suit and top hat, red trim, all features painted.
  3. 4 inch tall black female ceramic figure, perhaps a dancer, pink feathery skirt, remaining features painted, "made in Japan" imprinted on bottom.
  4. 3 X 1 1/4 inch black and white, cigarette papers dispenser, "blanco y negro," "vitela-ceniza blanco" "engomado," "made in Spain" printed on outer edges with images of city-scape and black male saxophonist, front and back.
  5. 1 1/4 inch round metal container, paper label "Negro make-up" taped to top. Inside, is a black, gritty coal-like substance.
  6. 4 inch black baby, ceramic, painted features, movable arms and legs.
  7. 5 1/2 inch plastic alligator/crocodile (?) with black person in its mouth. There are two of these, with "Mauch chunk" imprinted on tail of one.
  8. 6 1/2 inch tall cardboard black male on small balsa-wood block stand, painted facial features and clothing, holding a watermelon.
  9. 5 inch tall cloth and wrapped paper black male figure, small feathered red hat, red shirt, gold necklace, carrying upright spear.
  10. 4 inch tall ceramic black female maid holding a small hourglass/egg-timer device (functional) filled with pink sand, painted features and clothing, imprinted on bottom "Made in occupied Japan."
  11. 2 X 4 inch hollow ceramic black male figure, seated on a crocodile/alligator (?), painted features somewhat faded.
  12. 4 inch black male figure of fabric and paper, white plastic hands and feet, "Made in Germany."
  13. 3 1/2 inch tall plastic male boxer figure, perhaps supposed to be black, but skin appears to be quite reddish, painted clothing, shoes and boxing gloves.
  14. 2 inch diameter hand held game devices (two) the object of which is to get the movable tiny balls into indentations on picture. One has a mirror on the back, the other an advertisement "compliments of Knight & Huntress Masonic Temple, Laconia NH."
  15. 9 inch black baby doll, molded hollow plastic, painted facial features, yarn hair with red ribbons, movable head, arms and legs, cloth clothing.
  16. 8 inch torso of black male boxer, molded plastic, painted facial features, movable arms, wearing red cloth robe and black boxing gloves, "made in Hong Kong."
  17. 6 1/2 inch tall black male figure, hollow plastic, painted facial features clothes and top hat, rattle beads inside.
  18. 2 inch black male/female (?) figure, hollow molded plastic, painted facial features and clothes, movable arms.
  19. 5 1/2 inch long red, empty box, picture on front of two male musicians, one playing saxophone, the other a trumpet, entwined with gray strip "Jazz Melody," box pulls apart at center.
  20. 4 1/2 inch X 2 inch hollow ceramic decorative article, painted features, small black boy and black dog pulling toilet, perhaps to function as ashtray? (Similar to Box 1, item 10).
  21. 2 inch high ceramic decorative article, orange outhouse, black person opening door to find occupant inside; "one moment please" printed at bottom, "Made in Japan."
  22. 4 1/2 inch ceramic black girl, painted features, small piece of green ribbon attached to head, movable arms and legs.
  23. 9 inch ceramic black girl, painted facial features, three yarn-with-red ribbon "tufts" attached to head, cloth dress, movable arms, legs and head.
  24. 4 inch, pair ceramic black male/female salt/pepper shakers, painted features.
  25. 4 inch ceramic female figure, painted facial feature exaggerated to resemble monkey face.
  26. 2 inch cast iron (?) black female figure, painted features and clothes, bent over washing what appears to be an item of clothing.
  27. 4 1/2 inch pair, ceramic black male/female salt/pepper shakers, painted features.
  28. 4 inch hollow ceramic black male, painted features, seated, eating watermelon slice.
  29. 2 inch high ceramic ornamental article, painted, yellow outhouse, black person opening door to find occupant inside, "next" printed at bottom below door.
  30. 12 inch X 9 inch bronze finish hollow metal figure of Joe Louis, boxer, with embedded clock, access to mechanism through bottom.
  31. 3 1/2 inch pair ceramic black male/female salt/pepper shakers, cork stopper at bottom.
  32. 3 1/2 high, hollow ceramic ornamental article, painted black monkey face.
  33. 4 inch high pair ceramic male/female salt/pepper shakers, painted features, cork stopper at bottom.
  34. 2 inch high ceramic ornamental article, out house, black person opening door to find occupant inside, "next" printed at bottom of door.
  35. 4 inch ceramic ornamental article, black female child, holding watermelon slice, seated with small hollow watermelon 'dish' in her lap.
  36. 1 inch X 5 inch ceramic ornamental dish, tan and white, shaped to resemble a peanut.
  37. 3 inch felt, hand sewn torso of black male, red and white cloth jacket, fur hair.
  38. 7 1/2 inch high pair ceramic black male/female salt/pepper shakers, painted features, cork stoppers missing.
  39. 6 inch whisk broom, black female, painted wooden head and torso, straw broom bristles function as 'skirt'.
  40. 6 inch ceramic wall ornament, black male face, exaggerated features, painted facial features, green hat.
  41. 7 inch ceramic ornamental article, possibly a vase, black African native standing next to palm trees.
  42. 3 inch pair ceramic black male/female (faces only) salt/pepper shakers, cork stoppers intact.
  43. 2 1/2 inch pair ceramic black male/female salt/pepper shakers, "Enesco Imports Japan" label on bottom, cork stoppers intact.
  44. 4 inch pair ceramic male/female salt/pepper shakers, "New Orleans" on front of each, plastic stoppers intact.
  45. Group of various and unmatched salt/pepper shakers, mixed sizes, all black figurines; (packing tissue marked with red 'X'.)
Finding Aid/Box 3: Items 1-38
  1. 3 inch high ceramic decorative article, painted features, small black boy with duck, text imprinted at bottom "early bird gets the worm."
  2. 6 inch high ceramic wall plaque, with two small hooks at bottom, black child with water melon slice under chin, crudely painted features.
  3. 25 X 17 inch kitchen towels (two) design painted on cotton in bright primary colors, depicting black man on one, black woman on the other, engaged in domestic chores. Personalized label "Shirley" sewn into hem.
  4. 18 inch soft cloth black mother doll holding baby, fabric clothing with evidence of careful hand sewing.
  5. 7 inch high molded plastic figure, African male in ceremonial dress, fur headpiece, skirt, boots, bead jewelry with spear and shield, movable arms.
  6. 6 inch high ceramic wall plaque, black female child, head and shoulders, painted features, metal hanging hardware imbedded on back.
  7. 6 inch high molded plastic figure, black male saxophone player, mechanical device with may have activated hat movement (no longer functioning), painted features.
  8. 3 inch high ceramic black female, delicately painted facial features and ornamental and structural detail on clothing. Label adhered to bottom; "Dave Grossman creation Taiwan."
  9. 6 inch high ceramic wall plaque, black male 'chef' or 'baker' character, painted features, hanging hardware embedded on back, and two small hooks at bottom, original stamp illegible.
  10. 15 inch high soft cloth black female adult doll, facial features painted, fabric clothing and head wrap, gold metal hoop earrings.
  11. 5 inch high hollow ceramic figurine, black male holding a trumpet, all features painted, stamped "made in occupied Japan" at bottom.
  12. 6 inch high ceramic wall plaque, black female, painted features, hanging hardware embedded on back, two small hooks at bottom.
  13. 3 1/2 inch high hollow ceramic ornamental article, (possibly an incense burner?) black East Indian boy in turban and matching pants/shirt sitting atop yellow throne-like seat, all features painted, hole in top of turban, "made in Germany" stamped at bottom.
  14. 3 inch tall ceramic figure (style very similar to item 3.8), black woman, long dress and apron, head wrap, delicately painted, bottom label "Mammy 1990 Franklin Mint 1939 Selznick 1967 MGM 1990 Turner Entertainment & Co."
  15. 4 inch high metal figure, black male with cigar and cane, all features painted, head movable resting on thin metal rod.
  16. 16 inch high soft cloth doll, black female, yarn hair, cloth bonnet and matching dress, stitched facial features, side 'hip extenders' (Baroque )attached under skirt.
  17. 4 1/4 X 7 inch ceramic ornamental article, possibly a dish, although constructed to stand vertically, for display purposes, center oval opening, leaf extensions on either side.
  18. 10 inch wall plaque of undetermined material, to function as note paper dispenser, black woman, note paper pad appears as apron, pencil appears as broom handle, painted features badly worn and crackled.
  19. 4 inch ceramic wall plaque, black boy holding watermelon slice under chin, painted features, single hook at bottom.
  20. 8 inch ceramic wall plaque, young black girl standing under open umbrella, painted features.
  21. 4 inch "bobble-head" black girl, painted details, standing, holding small red heart, "Africa" imprinted at bottom front.
  22. 7 inch molded plastic black doll, with cane, paper top-hat, earrings, feathered dance clothes, painted details, movable arms.
  23. 7 inch ceramic wall plaque, 2 hooks at bottom, black "chef" or "baker," painted features.
  24. 2 X 5 inch wide cardboard box, cellophane top, filled with five tiny black female dolls, each with a different colored skirt, pink hair ribbons, painted features movable arms.
  25. a) 6 X 4 1/2 inch ceramic dish, yellow, with two square shallow indentations fronted by two longer indentations - possibly to accommodate pencils? b) 2 1/2 inch square ceramic hollow cube, yellow with hole in one side; seems to fit with part (a) but purpose undetermined.
  26. 3 inch box which opens on four sides, lined in pink fabric, to accommodate small round bottle of cologne, "Golliwog" imprinted on label; bottle capped with black face, fur hair.
  27. 5 1/2 inch molded plastic "bobble-head" black boy, painted features, label affixed to bottom "Kissing boy and girl, made in Japan."
  28. 5 1/2 inch ceramic wall plaque, ceramic, black male and female sharing water melon slice, painted features, two small hooks at bottom.
  29. 7 inch ceramic container (vase? planter?) painted details, featuring young black boy playing football.
  30. 12 inch black female doll, stuffed red/yellow vinyl, painted face, yarn braids with ribbons.
  31. 7 1/2 inch diameter glazed ceramic shallow dish with little bucolic scene at bottom "Home Sweet Home" two black people playing musical instruments, flute and bagpipe, on the grass, "Made in England."
  32. 9 inch ceramic wall plaque, black girl standing with open yellow umbrella, single hook at bottom.
  33. 2 1/2 inch pair ceramic salt and pepper shakers, black figurines seated, painted features, cork stoppers intact.
  34. 5 1/2 inch carved figure (wood?) elderly black man holding what appeared to be a double bass, but functions as a pipe rest.
  35. 6 1/2 inch ceramic wall plaque, black male face, quite realistic in appearance, with hat and bow tie, hole in back for hanging.
  36. 10 inch ceramic black baby doll, movable arms and legs, fabric clothes, painted features, surface finish crackled.
  37. 5 1/2 inch hollow ceramic elephant, functions as watering device with lid - water pours from trunk when filled, brightly painted lid with black man seated atop.
  38. 7 1/2 inch skeletal female "head hunter", skinny arms and legs fashioned from tiny spring wire coils, ceramic torso painted features, decorative skull fastened around waist, feathers in head-dress.
Finding Aid/Box 4: Items 1-29
  1. 7 1/2 inch soft cloth black female doll, fabric dress, stitched mouth, button eyes, "D. Murphy 10-1986" in white marker on one leg.
  2. 5 inch black boy in swimming trunks, flippers on feet, wind-up toy (arms go around as if swimming) but no longer functional.
  3. 8 inch "bobble head" black child, red straw hat, gold earrings, sitting on watermelon, brightly painted, "Florida" imprinted at bottom.
  4. 6 1/2 inch hollow plastic black male bell-hop figure, arms hanging by strings which were probably movable at one time.
  5. 5 1/2 inch hollow plastic black female child, arms hanging by strings, painted features.
  6. 3 X 2 inch bar of soap, "La Congolaise No. 1770" with black female pictured on wrapper. Price tag "Conran's $1.25" affixed to back of wrapper.
  7. 4 inch ceramic black female dancer, decorative article, painted features, "Made in Occupied Japan" stamped on bottom.
  8. 5 inch ceramic figurine, black male on square pedestal, right arm extended, painted features, red/white uniform with hat. "Metlox Mfg Co" label affixed to bottom.
  9. 10 1/2 inch square box containing a marionette character called "Toonga from the Congo", arms, legs and head movable by attached strings, Appears to be an African "native" female, grass skirt, painted facial features. "From Talent Products Inc., NY c. 1948."
  10. 3 inch hollow ceramic decorative article, outhouse, door open, person peeking in at occupant. Painted exterior severely worn.
  11. 8 1/2 X 11 cardboard displaying six plastic swizzle sticks, each one a profile of female figure at various ages, from 15 through 40 years old, poking fun at physical changes caused by aging.
  12. 6 inch papoose-like bundle with two black babies wrapped in very old discolored lace, paper and faded pink ribbon.
  13. 2 1/2 X 3 inch identical papers, which appear to be wrappers (candy?), made in France, "Torrefaction de cafes" printing alludes to roasted coffee.
  14. 9 X 6 wall plaque/mirror, framed by black person's body surrounding glass, head at top, beaded copper wire earrings. (Photographed with white paper covering mirror)
  15. 10 inch ceramic wall plaque, black male figure walking, carrying red umbrella, glue-repaired cracks evident, two hooks at bottom.
  16. 10 inch papier mache (?) and fabric black female face, yarn hair, red bandana, crocheted red bodice, painted facial features, D-rings function as earrings, small chain necklace.
  17. 7 1/2 inch long decorative article, appears to be a log in which an elderly bearded black male is seated.
  18. 9 inch painted ceramic wall plaque, with single hook at bottom, young female, orange dress, walking with open red umbrella.
  19. 5 1/2 inch painted ceramic wall plaque, two black children sharing watermelon slice, two hooks at bottom.
  20. 14 inch painted wood figure (reversible) black female eating watermelon slice.
  21. 6 1/2 inch painted ceramic figure/wall plaque, standing black woman, elderly, portly, hole in center of figure with long string passing through it - purpose not determined.
  22. 9 inch square box containing "Chucklers Game," c. 1931, Rosebud Art Co. Object is to throw as many small wooden balls as possible in chuckler's mouths by means of spinning the enclosed wooden top.
  23. 13 1/2 black female doll, mixed material, soft stuffed body, fabric clothing, painted facial features with yarn hair.
  24. 5 1/2 inch hollow molded plastic black male doll, movable arms (at one time) attached by strings.
  25. 7 inch black woman fashioned as whisk broom - upper handle is her head and torso, skirt is the straw of the broom, green ribbon at neck.
  26. 9 1/2 inch very heavy ceramic wall plaque, black female, finger in mouth, basket on head, which appears to function as possible vase/planter, two hooks at bottom.
  27. 7 inch hollow ceramic black female figure, decorative article, painted features, hole in back/top of head wrap suggests it might be a vase?
  28. 5 inch round can, containing Fairbanks Gold Dust Scouring Powder, two black boys pictured on front label.
  29. 1 inch wrapper for chewing gum (guma de mascar), flavor, spearmint (yerbabuena).
Finding Aid/Box 5: Items 1-31
  1. 8 X 10 inch box containing a black family of hand puppets -mother, father, and three children, soft vinyl faces, fabric clothing, and box, if cut properly can function as a theatre stage.
  2. 3 1/2 inch wind-up toy, black child on tricycle with bell.
  3. 5 1/2 inch wind-up toy, crying black boy attempting to eat watermelon but a dog is biting the back of his pants.
  4. 6 inch decorative article, black dancing girl on coiled spring (hidden under a yarn skirt), standing on a seashell upon which is written "Acapulco."
  5. 6 inch decorative article, black dancing girl on coiled spring (hidden under feather skirt), standing on seashell upon which is written "Acapulco."
  6. 13 inch black female doll, soft, cotton-stuffed, fabric clothing and head wrap, stitched facial features, bead earrings.
  7. 2 inch plastic black boy, arms raised, standing on black platform with simulated wheel base, two dice on platform.
  8. 7 inch decorative article, black dancing girl on coiled spring (hidden under feather skirt), standing on seashell upon which is written "Acapulco."
  9. 4 1/2 inch red heart shaped paper valentine with verse inside, inscribe "To Harry Pearson from Irene Ennis", wrapped with a smaller 2 1/2 inch package with exaggerated black face on front, inside is a thin pink/white plastic mold of lips and teeth with black bow tie.
  10. 18 inch dark skinned male doll (modeled after Lenci dolls made in Torino, Italy) dressed as a "gaucho" character, mostly felt body and clothing, painted facial features.
  11. 7 inch wood handled whisk broom modeled as black woman - upper body functions as handle, with straw broom as skirt.
  12. 4 inch wood handled whisk broom modeled as black woman - upper body functions as handle with straw broom as skirt.
  13. 7 inch wood handled whisk broom modeled as black woman - upper body functions as handle with straw broom as skirt.
  14. 7 inch decorative article, black dancing girl on coiled spring (hidden under feathered skirt) standing on seashell upon which is written "Acapulco."
  15. 4 inch ceramic vase with painted features, small black boy seated under palm tree.
  16. 3 1/2 inch painted tin bell with small wooden handle, five caricature black male faces painted on surface with small piece of hardware as clapper.
  17. 4 inch hollow ceramic black boy, seated as if perhaps fishing, right hand appears to have once held something which is now missing, made in Japan.
  18. 4 inch ceramic pitcher modeled as a plump, black man, painted features, decorated handle, made in Japan.
  19. 6 inch ceramic figurine, small black girl, finger in her mouth, carrying a flower basket "Petunia- Brayton Pottery" stamped on bottom of shoe.
  20. 7 inch decorative article, black dancing girl on coiled spring (hidden under feathered skirt) standing on seashell upon which is written "Acapulco."
  21. 6 1/2 inch box containing tube of "Darkie Toothpaste" - no indication of where made.
  22. 4 1/2 inch ceramic decorative article, an Indian figure with turban head wrap, item appears to be designed to hold something, purpose undetermined.
  23. 3 inch ceramic decorative article, seated black male dressed in white, holding up a bell.
  24. 4 inch ceramic decorative article, black woman seated on what appears to be a rolling pin which is hollow and could possibly be used as planter or vase.
  25. 8 inch ceramic wall plaque, black boy walking, holding an umbrella, painted features. (Items 25/26 appear to be a matched pair.)
  26. 8 inch ceramic wall plaque, black girl standing, holding an umbrella, painted features. (Items 25/26 appear to be a matched pair.)
  27. 6 inch heavy metal decorative article, black male face with wide-spread smile, exposed teeth may function as wall-mount bottle opener, ring attached to bottom may function as hanger for small kitchen towel.
  28. 6 inch ceramic wall plaque, black male face, winking, straw hat with polka-dot ribbon, flowered 'lei' around neck, painted features.
  29. 3 inch ceramic decorative article, slim, black female figure in lounging position, short white skirt, flower in hair.
  30. 7 1/2 X 11 boxed game called "Snake Eyes."
  31. 6 1/2 inch square box, (empty) having once contained "Jenny and Benny", a pull-toy of donkey on wheels with a small black boy riding on his back, holding reins. Made in Japan.
Finding Aid/Box 6: Items 1-47
  1. 13 inch black paper/cardboard doll, black boy, crepe paper clothes glued on thin cardboard body, slightly padded cloth face, painted facial features.
  2. 6 inch red plastic pitcher, modeled as black woman, finger lever lifts head for filling/pouring.
  3. 5 inch tall clear beverage glass with black man in red livery painted on one side, carrying sign with the number '1' on it.
  4. 9 inch cardboard backing with molded clear plastic containing a young black boy doll, "Buckwheat" who is part of a group of children called "Our Gang."
  5. 6 inch hollow, molded plastic black baby doll, fabric clothing, knit red cap, movable arms and legs.
  6. 4 inch red plastic cinnamon dispenser modeled as black woman, torso screws off, skirt is hollow to hold cinnamon, perforated stopper.
  7. Two 3 1/2 inch salt or pepper shakers, modeled as black woman (identical in appearance to items 2 and 6 above), "Aunt Jemima" in raised lettering on back of one.
  8. 5 inch tall clear beverage glass with black man in red livery painted on one side, carrying sign with the number '4' on it. (Identical to item 3 above)
  9. 3 1/2 inch painted ceramic ashtray combined with hollowed insets for cigarettes and matches, black figure seated on ashtray edge (one leg damaged.)
  10. 3 inch diameter shallow ceramic dish with "Street Scene in Trinidad" lettered on inside bottom. "Handcrafted for Moore McCormack Lines by Delano Studios.
  11. 6 inch decorative/ornamental article, souvenir from Florida, primarily painted wood and straw depicting little black people under tree house with step ladder leading up to it.
  12. 3 inch high ceramic container for cigarettes, matches and ashes, with black people peeking out of each compartment, "souvenir of Georgia" lettered on front decal.
  13. 15 inch molded plastic black female doll, fabric clothes, movable arms, legs, painted facial features, glass eyes.
  14. 15 inch black baby doll, fabric clothes, movable arms and legs, cloth body, painted facial features.
  15. 9 inch black female adult doll, souvenir, "Barbados WI" printed on shawl, fabric clothing, beaded earrings, painted facial features.
  16. 3 inch ceramic ashtray/matches/ cigarette holder, "who left this behind" printed at bottom front, made in Japan.
  17. 4 inch ceramic decorative item, small black boy in front of fence holding a chicken, another chicken under fence (broken off, re-glued), appears to be worn, a portion broken off and missing.
  18. 2 1/2 ceramic ashtray/matches/cigarette holder with small black boy peeking out of hanging laundry, "who left this behind" printed on front, dated "Aug 26 1934 made in Japan" on bottom.
  19. 4 inch ceramic ashtray formed by alligator/crocodile lying on its back, open-mouthed, with small black boy seated on it, made in Japan.
  20. 2 1/2 inch ceramic decorative article, small black boy seated in front of pair of dice, "come seven" printed on front.
  21. 2 inch thin molded plastic figure, hollow with tiny rattle ball inside, black child with bright red shirt and hat.
  22. 2 inch ceramic decorative article, small black boy and dog seated with pair of dice, "come seven" printed on front, made in Japan.
  23. 2 inch ceramic black baby doll, movable arms, legs attached to body by loose string, fabric clothes, orange/yellow yarn for hair, painted facial features.
  24. 3 inch ceramic decorative article, clack child seated at edge of urinal. Made in occupied Japan.
  25. 3 inch painted ceramic ashtray/cigarettes/matches holder modeled as clothes hanging on a line, with black boys climbing on the horizontal pole.
  26. 2 inch ceramic shallow dish, possibly ashtray with black baby on hands and knees in the dish.
  27. 3 1/2 inch thin, molded hollow plastic black child, movable arms attached to body by string.
  28. 2 1/2 inch ceramic decorative article, black child seated in outhouse, black person to the side, waiting.
  29. 3 1/2 inch ceramic decorative article crudely painted, black boy eating watermelon, possibly souvenir of Georgia.
  30. 3 inch painted ceramic figurine, black boy playing violin.
  31. 1 1/2 inch ceramic decorative article, black child seated in outhouse with person waiting at side.
  32. 7 inch ceramic tea pot, body of black woman, arms holding spout, removable lid functions as her head.
  33. 3 inch wall plaque, face of black woman, exaggerated lips, red bandana head wrap, small hanging wire on back.
  34. 2 inch pair of ceramic salt/pepper shakers, caricatured faces of black male with baker's cap and black female. Enesco Imports, Japan.
  35. 5 inch ceramic salt or pepper shaker, seated black person with monkey face and earrings, painted features.
  36. 2 inch pair ceramic salt and pepper shakers, in the shape of very chubby black male and female.
  37. 9 inch ceramic teapot, painted as little man in bright primary colors, exactly the same on both sides, Robertsons Golly Teapot., circa 1980, by Jenny and Geoff Morten under license by Silver Crane Pottery, (latter marking on underside.)
  38. 4 inch ceramic decorative article, black angel in yellow robe, playing red/white striped flute, small wings on back, painted features.
  39. 5 inch ceramic figurine, black boy standing, exaggerated facial features bead necklace, right leg cracked and re-glued.
  40. 5 inch ceramic planter, black girl standing next to a hollow, short ear of corn, painted features.
  41. 3 inch decorative item, ceramic toilet on wheels being pushed by black boy, painted details, movable wooden lid, "my old country seat" lettered on side.
  42. 5 inch hollow ceramic decorative article, black girl with hat, eating slice of watermelon, paint severely worn.
  43. 6 inch ceramic figurine, black male with loin cloth (only fabric waistband remaining) movable arms, legs attached to body by loose string, painted features include frontal crown on head.
  44. 3 1/2 inch ceramic wall plaque, black male face, sad mouth, bow tie, painted features, badly worn.
  45. 3 inch decorative article, seated black 'island-girl', exaggerated facial features, painted details with beads on string around neck.
  46. 2 1/2 inch pair of ceramic salt/pepper shakers, black male and female.
  47. 5 inch paint can, empty, with paper label around it depicting black girl eating pancakes, and "Honey" lettered below.
Finding Aid/Box 7: Items 1-25
  1. 9 inch black baby doll, movable arms, legs, fabric clothing, tufts of yarn hair, painted facial features.
  2. 5 inch black baby doll, movable arms, legs, fabric clothing, single tuft of yarn hair at top of head, painted facial features.
  3. 20 inch black female doll, movable arms legs, fabric clothing, gold earrings, eyes open/close, red bandana tied around "real" hair.
  4. 10 inch mechanical toy, black male trumpet player, fabric clothing, tin hat, mechanism to hold trumpet is damaged.
  5. 12 inch cloth/felt stuffed black male doll, blue tuxedo, red pants sewn as part of body, synthetic fur hair.
  6. 7 inch black female doll, movable arms, legs, fabric clothing, tufts of string hair, painted facial features.
  7. 4 inch black baby doll, movable arms, legs, cloth diaper, painted facial features, three tufts of hair, one missing.
  8. 9 inch cardboard figure, black porter, exaggerated facial features, pushing travel trunk, "red cap cigars 5" painted on front.
  9. 10 inch cloth, soft doll, black male, painted details on clothing and face.
  10. 7 inch black soft cloth, stuffed female doll, very nicely made, red dress, apron, stitched facial features.
  11. 14 inch black female doll (measure includes extra-long skirt and high head wrap) thin molded plastic body, fabric clothes, painted facial features, one earring missing.
  12. 6 1/2 inch tin wind-up toy, African tribesman, ceremonial dress, spear, shield, nose-ring, head moves forward/backward when wound up, item is operational.
  13. 6 1/2 inch wooden handled whisk broom modeled as black woman, broom whisks function as skirt.
  14. 1 ¾ inch cast iron pig with two black boys on its back.
  15. 8 1/2 inch wall plaque, painted ceramic, black boy walking under yellow umbrella, two hooks at bottom, item damaged and glued back together.
  16. 6 1/2 inch wooden handled whisk broom, modeled as black woman, broom whisks painted with decorations function as skirt.
  17. 5 inch tin wind-up toy, little black boy with red cap sitting on the back of a turtle, non-functional.
  18. 12 inch painted ceramic black girl, very chubby, sparkle design swirl-painted on dress, small wings at her back; may have been a piggy bank at one time, although coin-slot seems stopped up.
  19. 9 inch ceramic planter/vase, modeled as black woman in red dress carrying laundry basket.
  20. 8 inch cast iron black man in top hat, red neck scarf, seated on a barrel - parts of item broken off and functionality undetermined.
  21. 6 inch cast iron mechanical bank, fashioned as black male bust - coin is place on hand, lever pushed down raises arm/hand and coin falls into mouth; screw in back allows contents to be removed.
  22. 6 inch painted ceramic ashtray depicting two black men standing with a barrel between them, item badly chipped.
  23. 6 inch diameter decorative dish, painted to look like a halved watermelon, pink on inside, green on outside.
  24. 6 inch ceramic cookie/candy jar fashioned as black male head with collar and bow tie, brim of cap functions as lid, painted facial features.
  25. 6 inch ceramic cookie/candy jar fashioned as black male head with collar and bow tie, brim of cap function as lid, painted facial features (same as item 24, except that glaze is more matte, expression on face more dour.)
Finding Aid/Box 8: Items 1-52
  1. 3 inch diameter empty tin can, once container for Negro Head small shrimp.
  2. 3 1/2 inch painted ceramic basket with pink bow on handle, "Detson's handpainted" imprinted on bottom.
  3. 3 X 5 inch cardboard box containing Cadie metal polishing cloths, manufactured by Cadie Chemical Products, NY, NY.
  4. 4 1/2 inch black doll of molded rubber or plastic, still in cellophane wrapper with cardboard closure, "My Lovely Topsee."
  5. 5 inch tin wind-up toy wagon, circus bear balanced on a ball, little black man in white suit and top hat along side, nonfunctional.
  6. Paperback novel by Philip B. Kaye "Taffy", about black people in Harlem (Avon Pocket Book, n.d.)
  7. 15 X 27 inch cotton dish towel, decorated with colorful scene of black children dancing in a bucolic setting.
  8. 1 inch 78RPM phonograph record (Columbia Graphophone Company), containing song "Nigger Love a Watermelon" and "Old Dan Tucker" sung by Harry Browne.
  9. 6 inch ceramic dish, yellow, white and brown, possibly a double spoon rest, wet tea bag holder?
  10. 4 inch ceramic decorative article, to place on ledge, black boy seated with fishing pole (toothpick with string attached).
  11. 1 1/2 inch square green match box with 3-d picture button showing black male drummer and black female dancer, both of whom seem to move as box is handled, matches inside a little pull-open drawer.
  12. 2 1/2 inch ceramic decorative article, black person seated in outhouse, with another person peeking in open door.
  13. 1 1/2 inch plastic decorative article, black boy seated in front of dice on platform with simulated wheels.
  14. Various 1 and 2-inch black dolls, one metal, three plastic.
  15. 4 inch ceramic ashtray, black woman seated at wash tub, with breast caught in wringer, item apparently supposed to be an ashtray.
  16. Same article as above, # 15.
  17. 3 1/2 inch cardboard box which hold "Mammy", a wooden toy with stringed spool underneath skirt which, when pulled, propels female figure across flat surface, non-functional.
  18. 5 1/2 inch cardboard and wrapped paper decorative article, black man dressed in red/white striped short pants, red bow tie, and white top hat.
  19. 2 1/2 inch ceramic decorative article, black girl, white dress, string tufts of hair, painted details.
  20. 2 1/2 inch ceramic decorative article, small dish, possibly ashtray with person peeking in at occupant of outhouse, painted features.
  21. 3 1/2 inch ceramic outhouse, child seated inside, adult waiting to one side.
  22. 4 inch wooden decorative article, small open box fronted by black boy in red/white checked pants and cap, leaning on a fence.
  23. 3 inch crepe paper and cardboard black man, thin fabric clothing and head wrap. Face painted on small cylinder which has a weighted object inside, made in Germany.
  24. 4 inch ceramic ashtray/decorative article, with black male carrying oversized dice, made in Germany.
  25. 4 inch ceramic bust of black male in white hat atop a cork stopper, possibly for wine bottle.
  26. 3 inch pair of ceramic salt/pepper shakers, black male in white baker's hat, female in white/red polka dot bandana.
  27. 7 inch plastic letter opener with black person in red hat with tassel seated at top, holding small alligator.
  28. 4 inch plastic "bobble" toy with rattle inside, black person constructed of two spheres, bottom one larger and weighted functions as body, smaller sphere on top is head.
  29. 3 inch metal decorative article, black male porter, red cap, grey uniform carrying luggage.
  30. 6 1/2 inch cardboard toy, double-sided, paddle-shaped rattle which has black face stapled to it, painted features.
  31. 9 inch tin toy, black male dancer in red suit, yellow hat on metal rod connected to red button on platform which, when pushed, moves arms legs and feet of dancer, "Bojangle dances again."
  32. 5 inch painted ceramic figure, black male, blue hat and pants, red shirt, probably fishing but wooden fishing pole missing from item.
  33. 4 1/2 inch hollow ceramic decorative article, black man in red jacket, black pants holding a horn (baritone?) painted details.
  34. 5 inch hollow ceramic decorative article, black man in red jacket, yellow pants, playing saxophone.
  35. 4 inch square metal alarm clock, picture on face features black man with a chestnut roaster or perhaps he is an organ grinder, accompanied by small dog, with two white children watching, Lux Clock Mfg. Co., Waterbury, Conn.
  36. 3 inch decorative article, ceramic ashtray, black face with exaggerated facial features, open mouth.
  37. 3 inch ceramic lemon/lime juicer as removable 'hat' atop black face/head.
  38. 4 inch ceramic cup, black male face with handle formed by arm holding an unidentified object to side of head, painted details.
  39. 5 inch rusted, empty metal container for one pound Luzianne coffee/chicory, mfg. by WB Reily Co., New Orleans, illustrated paper wrapped around can features black woman with coffee service on a try.
  40. 4 1/2 inch clear glass jar, once containing Nash's Prepared Mustard, empty and functional as bank with coin slot in lid. Jar is shaped as black face with exaggerated red paper lips glued to outside.
  41. 4 inch ceramic decorative article, black man seated, playing accordion, painted details.
  42. 2 1/2 inch ceramic decorative article, black baby with one foot in its mouth, painted details.
  43. 3 1/2 inch ceramic salt /pepper shaker, as seated nude black woman holding slice of watermelon; removable hollow head perforated for salt with cork stopper, and watermelon slice perforated for pepper, with cork stopper.
  44. 10 inch hollow ceramic decorative article, black man, yellow hat and trousers, seated on tree stump, small empty holes in mouth and hand suggest possible missing pipe/cigarette and fishing pole, painted details.
  45. 6 inch opaque glass perfume/cologne bottle, fashioned as black person, head with 'fur' hair and exaggerated features functions as removable stopper, green tassel attached.
  46. 4 inch decorative article, two black children, boy and girl, seated; boy appears to hold a fishing pole which is missing.
  47. 4 inch hollow ceramic decorative item, black man seated, playing an accordion. (Along with items # 33, 34 and 41, this may constitute a 'set'.)
  48. 4 1/2 inch ceramic tea pot, black face/head, lid removable, shaped as small white cap.
  49. 5 inch ceramic pair salt/pepper shakers, black male and female faces, painted features.
  50. 2-4 inch group of small ceramic and plastic dolls and decorative article, most items duplicated in other boxes.
  51. 3 1/2 inch ceramic cream pitcher as black female face with white polka-dotted hat, painted features.
  52. 8 1/2 inch pop-up book, "Daily Express Childrens Annual No. 5" - anthology of poems and short stories, printed in London, n.d.
Finding Aid/Box 9: Items 1-28
  1. Black knit, short sleeve tee shirt, facial outline of Sarah Vaughan in white, her signature in pink.
  2. 6 inch box which once held "Poor Pete", pictured on box as a little black boy with his dog.
  3. 5 inch black female doll/decorative article, dressed in fabric clothes, red and white polka dots, organdy apron, pipe cleaner arms, made in Japan.
  4. 3 inch ceramic ash tray/cigarette/matches holder with black person peeking through clothes hanging on a line.
  5. 13 inch square game of skill, object being to throw wooden balls in open mouth of circus clowns, one black, one white.
  6. 9 X 11 inch cardboard Tiddly Winks game, object being to snap disc on to a board of plates, black people cartooned on face of game board and box cover.
  7. 4 X 7 inch paperback catalogue from T.S. Denison & Co., offering music, theater props, scripts, skits etc., for producing minstrel shows.
  8. 5 inch molded plastic decorative article, black man in red coat, yellow pants, holding top hap; appears to be a pepper shaker - holes in top of head in shape of letter 'P'.
  9. 6 inch black male figure, legs and arms attached by wire, tag indicates "early paper mache, $110.00").
  10. 4 inch plastic black female, "Aunt Jemima" designed as cinnamon dispenser.
  11. 6 inch pair of black of dancers, possibly from Trinidad?, quite elaborate fabric costumes.
  12. 9 inch diameter steel "Ole Virginia Griddle", with green handle, red/green/white paper label still present on surface, apparently not used.
  13. 5 inch nesting boxes (2), with scenes from famous children's stories, e.g., Little Black Sambo, Jack and the Bean Stalk, etc.
  14. 5 inch cast iron or bronze ash tray with black male, bobble-head figure standing on one edge, yellow hat, patched pants, cigar.
  15. 4 1/2 inch ceramic dish, possibly ash tray, appearing to be held in arms of black female dressed as maid, painted features.
  16. 7 inch cardboard picturing a black woman with platter of pancakes, fabric turban on head, figure inserted into small wooden stand.
  17. 8 1/2 inch metal toy, no longer functional, black man standing on corner under street sign, fabric clothes, movable arms and legs.
  18. 4 1/2 inch black female hollow plastic doll on small cardboard platform, holding baby in one hand, bottle in the other.
  19. 7 inch very heavy, crudely painted ceramic decorative article, black man seated, arms wrapped around knees, hole in mouth suggests addition (at one time) of cigarette, paint very chipped.
  20. 5 inch can of "Gold Dust Scouring Powder", red paper label with two little black boys on front; unopened, contents intact.
  21. 12 inch long painted wooden toy, partially operational, black boy seated on platform with wheels, holding reins to horse's head which moves up and down when platform is pushed.
  22. 10 1/2 inch black male doll, companion to "Mandrake the Magician", who is pictured on the presentation cardboard packaging. Doll is wearing fabric clothing, with a fez on his head.
  23. 9 inch paperback," Southern Cookbook: 322 Old Dixie Recipes", Reading, PA., Culinary Arts Press, 1939; wooden cover with leather ties.
  24. 7 inch hardcover book "Uncle Tom's Cabin", abridged for school use, no author listed on title page, New York, Charles Graham & Co., n.d.
  25. 9 inch painted ceramic wall plaque/note pad as black woman, holding a broom, pencil inserted through her arm is the broom handle.
  26. 3 1/2 inch decorative article, miniature cotton bale of burlap, with black baby sitting on top with bits of cotton, and small dried floral arrangement, "souvenir of New Orleans, LA".
  27. 3 1/2 inch- 5 inch group of red plastic spice/salt/pepper shakers all very much similar.
  28. 2 1/2 inch-5 inch group of ceramic salt and pepper shakers, one pair and the rest unmatched, 18 individual pieces.
Finding Aid/Box 10 Items 1-68
  1. 10 inch decorative article, black female doll on hexagonal wooden stand, felt body, fabric clothing, dressed to resemble Carmen Miranda.
  2. 6 inch metal decorative article, black male sitting on a pot, grimacing.
  3. 6 inch ceramic wall plaque, black male face, painted features, bow tie and straw hat.
  4. 6 1/2 inch hollow plastic black baby, probably a hanging ornament, red/white polka dot shorts, arms and legs attached with strings.
  5. 2 inch ceramic decorative article, black person holding open door to occupied outhouse, "one moment please" printed on front.
  6. 2 1/2 inch decorative article, painted ceramic figurine, black male playing violin.
  7. 2 inch ceramic decorative article, seated black boy holding a chicken, painted features.
  8. 2 inch ornament, Christmas wreath, tied in twine and greenery with black gingerbread man on front.
  9. 3 1/2 inch painted ceramic container, black male face, small white hat functions as removable lid.
  10. 6 1/2 inch hollow, thin plastic decorative article, black man in white suit, pink shoes and striped top hat.
  11. 4 inch hollow ceramic figurine, seated black male, painted features.
  12. 5 inch hollow ceramic figurine, black male holding a trumpet, painted features.
  13. 5 inch soft rubber black female doll, fabric clothing, still in original packaging.
  14. 5 inch hollow ceramic figurine, black male playing a banjo.
  15. 5 inch thin hollow plastic black baby, red/white polka dot shorts, movable arms and legs attached by elastic.
  16. 3 inch ceramic figurine, black girl playing accordion, painted features.
  17. 3 inch ceramic cream pitcher, shaped as black woman's head/face, painted features.
  18. 1 1/2 inch small tin candy box with black face on lid, containing French sen-sen, "Negro spiritual" printed on side of lid.
  19. 2 inch plastic black baby, arms/hands behind head, no clothing.
  20. 3 1/2 inch plastic black baby, movable arms, no clothing.
  21. 5 1/2 inch hollow ceramic figurine, black man playing violin, painted features, red pants, green shoe and shirt, blue hat.
  22. 3 inch ceramic decorative article, black child seated on toilet "you r next" printed on front.
  23. 3 inch ceramic decorative article, black male, seated with legs extended and spread, holding watermelon slice.
  24. 3 1/2 inch plastic wind-up toy, bobble-head black man as porter, carrying luggage. (Although key head broken, item can still be wound, little wheels on bottom propel toy forward.
  25. 1 1/2 inch gorilla face, black metal, mouth is pencil sharpener, hole for pencil insertion on side.
  26. 6 inch ceramic bobble head figure, black female seated, holding fruit, earrings missing one bead, green collar, painted features.
  27. 2 inch pair of couple-occupied yellow beds, one labeled "before", (people far apart) the other labeled "after" (people close together.)
  28. 9 inch ceramic figurine, black boy kneeling, hands folded at waist, empty hole suggests missing fishing pole.
  29. 5 inch ceramic black female doll, movable arms and legs attached by strings, red fabric dress, painted facial details.
  30. 5 inch ceramic figurine, black male playing drums.
  31. 5 inch decorative article, material undetermined, (pseudo-wood finish?) black person holding thermometer for registering outdoor temperature, mounted on gold paper-covered cardboard.
  32. 2 inch ceramic decorative article, an egg with black person 'hatching' from it.
  33. 21/2 inch ceramic decorative article, small black boy seated in front of pair of dice, "come seven" printed on front.
  34. 1 1/2 inch tiny tin toy or ornament, black man seated in sleigh holding Christmas wreath.
  35. 2 inch X 5 1/2 inch black plastic pipe for smoking, bowl of which is a black man's head, side of item has a small transparent plastic button with photo of female inside.
  36. 12 inch soft cloth doll, black female, red polka dot dress and bonnet, painted facial features.
  37. 5 inch ceramic wall plaque, two black children sharing watermelon slice, two hooks on bottom, painted details.
  38. 3 inch plastic figurine, black male in blue porter's uniform, carrying luggage.
  39. 3 1/2 inch cast iron black man in hat, red coat, arms extended; purpose of item undetermined.
  40. 3 1/2 inch tin/plastic wind-up toy, bobble head black porter carrying luggage, three wheels propel toy forward when key is wound.
  41. 3 1/2 inch ceramic wall plaque, two black children sharing water melon slice, two hooks on bottom of plaque, painted details.
  42. 3 inch plastic, pipe cleaner and felt decorative article, black male figure in red/black uniform, holding a transparent egg-shaped object balanced as if it were a tray, with a pair of dice inside.
  43. 7 inch plastic doll, dressed in "African Tribal" costume, feathers, grasscloth, carrying sword, ceremonial paint on face.
  44. 3 1/2 inch plastic pin, fashioned as loose-limbed black man, arms and legs of beads strung on elastic thread, green/black top hat.
  45. 4 inch plastic pin fashioned as loose-limbed black man, arms are movable beads attached by string, legs movable beads attached by small interlocking plastic rings.
  46. 4 inch ceramic decorative article, black child sitting on toilet, 'You R next' printed on front.
  47. 4 inch plastic, possibly ceramic decorative article, (doll,) black child standing with hands on hips, without clothes, painted facial details.
  48. 4 inch hollow ceramic decorative article, black man climbing up on a seated camel, painted details.
  49. 2 inch ceramic decorative article, black male, exaggerated facial features, seated, holding large urn, painted details.
  50. 4 inch ceramic decorative article, black male face, exaggerated large smiling mouth, "dats funny" printed on one side; flip top hat to another position to the sad face on backside where "dats rotten" is printed.
  51. 2 inch small ceramic cream pitcher, as dark brown face, with blue eyes, red clown nose, large grinning mouth. (Paper note inside indicates "hand painted Cappo di Monte Mark '35-40's").
  52. 3 inch hollow ceramic decorative article, black child holding whole watermelon, painted details.
  53. 4 inch hollow ceramic decorative article, black man sitting astride a straight-back chair.
  54. 2 inch ceramic decorative article, black girl seated, dressed in grass skirt with orange paper ruff around her neck.
  55. 2 1/2 inch lead figurine, black female standing in white apron over blue dress, and bandana on head.
  56. 21/2 inch lead figurine, black man, seated playing banjo. (Possibly constitutes a matched pair with item 55.)
  57. 4 inch hollow ceramic figurine, black shoe-shine boy, painted details.
  58. 1 1/2 inch hollow ceramic decorative article, black boy, exaggerated facial features, on hands and feet with his behind pushed up.
  59. 4 inch ceramic figurine, black man dressed in formal white tails and top hat, playing banjo.
  60. 2" X 4" wooden outhouse, slant rood, door imprinted "stop & go" opens to reveal two ceramic black children inside eating watermelon. Tucked into area above door, a paper ad for "air-conditioned cabin".
  61. 4 inch painted metal wind-up toy, figure of black boy in clown-like clothes and beanie, parts seem to be missing, making it difficult to determine action, though wind-up key/spring seem functional.
  62. 2 1/2 inch ceramic decorative article, black boy and girl sitting close together, boy holding a fishing pole.
  63. 3 inch - 4 inch ceramic black babies, movable arms, legs attached by string. (Group of 3 items)
  64. 2 1/2 inch to 3 inch various ceramic outhouses, one person inside, another waiting outside. (Group of 3 items)
  65. 2 1/2 inch - 4 1/2 inch various plastic or metal black male porter figures, in uniform, carrying luggage. (Group of 4)
  66. 2 inch ceramic ashtray/cigarette/ match holders with "who left this behind" printed on front. (Group of 2)
  67. 2 inch - 3 1/2 inch various plastic or ceramic salt/pepper shakers. (Group of 4)
  68. 3 1/2 inch ceramic decorative article, possibly an ashtray, black boy pushing and urn.
  69. 2 inch black ceramic figurines, 2 matching black children dressed in pink and blue; one elf-like person, and one child with watermelon.
Finding Aid/Box 11: Items 1-32
  1. 5 1/2 inch ceramic wall plaque, black female face, red bandana, green dress with bow, hanging hook at top.
  2. 7 1/2 inch ceramic wall plaque, black female face, yellow polka dot bandana, string attached for hanging.
  3. 6 inch ceramic wall plaque, black male face, yellow cap, green shirt.
  4. 11 inch X 7 inch wooden board, pre-printed with household food staples, functions as shopping list reminder, with small red pegs to insert next to the item needed. "I'se gotta git..." printed at top next to cartoon of black woman with string tied around her finger.
  5. 3 inch ceramic wall plaque, black female face, exaggerated lips, red bandana, painted features.
  6. 8 inch wooden board, (similar in most details to item 4 above), pegs missing however. "Reckon ah needs..." printed at top.
  7. 6 1/2 inch ceramic wall plaque, black female face, hair in two braids standing straight up from top of head, yellow ribbons, yellow dress, all features painted, single hook at bottom.
  8. 5 inch soft rubber black baby doll, movable arms, 'rooted' hair, naked except for ribbon and painted shoes/socks.
  9. 9 inch wall plaque, black woman holding paper note pad, framed as part of her skirt, also pencil through her arm functions as broom handle, painted features.
  10. 5 inch ceramic wall plaque, black male face, exaggerated facial features, white cap, green shirt, painted details, small hook at bottom.
  11. 7 inch ceramic wall plaque, black male face, white shirt and cap, 2 hooks at bottom.
  12. 6 inch ceramic wall vase, black male face, exaggerated facial features, green/white polka dot cap.
  13. 3 inch ceramic wall plaque, black female face, exaggerated facial features, red bandana.
  14. 7 1/2 inch ceramic wall vase, black female face, red/white bandana and neck bow, painted details.
  15. 26 inch soft cloth doll, female, red/white polka dot dress and socks, white apron, "New Orleans, LA" printed on outer dress hem, felt facial features attached.
  16. 3 1/2 inch clear glass cologne/perfume bottle, modeled as male figure, black plastic hat disguises screw-on bottle top, small tag attached "Lilac Lioret."
  17. 4 inch tin noise maker with black banjo player painted on outside.
  18. 4 1/2 inch metal figurine, black male, cigar in mouth, white pants, blue jacket and top hot, bobble head, exposed screw threads on bottom of feet suggest item may have been attached to something.
  19. 6 inch long ceramic oval ash tray, nude black woman lounging along edge, painted details, "smoke rings" printed on front edge.
  20. 12 inch wooden wall plaque, figure of black woman, arms extended to front, holding roll of paper (as may be found in typical adding machine).
  21. 6 inch ceramic wall plaque, black female face, red bow, yellow dress, painted details, 2 hooks at bottom.
  22. 13 inch soft cloth doll, black female, long red dress, apron, red bandana, painted facial features.
  23. 18 inch soft cloth doll, black female, long red/white polka dot dress, apron, bandana, earrings, stitched facial features.
  24. 15 inch soft cloth black female doll, stuffed with undetermined material which is visibly crumbling through tears in outer fabric covering; small hand-written tag "Spring Mills Corp., Black Mammie Doall, 1940s."
  25. 9 inch black baby doll, movable arms and legs, cloth red print diaper, yarn tufts for hair which are tied with fabric strips.
  26. 4 inch thin black female figurine, possibly of paper mache, cloth dress and head wrap, over-sized feet, painted facial features.
  27. 10 inch decorative article, ceramic bust, black female of regal bearing, "Zora" printed on front, off- shoulder drape, red head dress, gold medallion necklace, painted features.
  28. 12 inch black "Barbie" doll, dressed in gold/silver sparkling pants suit, long eyelashes, red hair.
  29. 3 inch box containing two ceramic black children, a boy and girl, painted details, fur-like tufts for hair.
  30. 7 inch soft cloth black young male, trousers, very wide-brimmed straw hat.
  31. 6 inch decorative article, black female, elderly and obese, dressed in patched clothes, straw hat, with over-sized feet and has something resembling a whip in one hand.
  32. 15 inch soft, stuffed "Aunt Jemima" doll, fabric covering painted with details of dress and facial features.
Finding Aid/Box 12 Items 1-31
  1. 6 inch diameter heavy metal alarm clock, in working order, face behind glass has cartoon of black boy playing with dice which 'free-float' between clock face and glass. Copyright 1946, made in USA.
  2. 13 inch box containing Black Barbie doll, with two babies in stroller which converts to a play-gym. Box unopened, c. 2001.
  3. 8 inch diameter tin top, in working order, with painted decorations depicting black children riding camel, giraffe, lion, elephant.
  4. 11 inch long wind-up alligator, body in five movable sections connected by string, black child on top; when wound, small wheels propel toy forward and sections move independently.
  5. 5 X 7 wooden wall plaque, match holder and light, with cartoon of nude black woman standing in bathtub.
  6. 11 inch black baby doll, body of ceramic or plastic, painted facial features, movable arms/legs, dressed in red print, cloth playsuit.
  7. 11 inch black male doll, young boy, in tan cloth suit and matching cap, with pink neck ribbon, painted facial features, movable arms/legs.
  8. 11 inch black male marionette, red/white striped trousers, black tuxedo, spats and top hat.
  9. 5 inch pair plastic salt/pepper shakers, black women holding tray with coffee service, bottom label - "Luzianne mammy."
  10. 11 inch black doll or decorative article, painted facial features, earrings, beaded necklaces, burlap strings for "grass" skirt, with shell beaded belt, movable arms/legs.
  11. 3 inch metal music box, sounds emitted when small metal crank is turned, painted scenes of African life around the outside of the box; made in Germany.
  12. 4 1/2 inch egg shaped ornament, of paper mache covered with paper showing scenes of African life, children, animals, vegetation, etc.; egg opens in half, hollow inside.
  13. 12 inch ceramic black baby, female, cloth red dress and panties, three yarn tufts for hair, painted facial features, movable arms/legs.
  14. 6 inch hollow plastic decorative article - boy perched on back of ostrich.
  15. 4 inch wall plaque, black male face, green hat, hollow portion of top of hat suggests a vase.
  16. 22 inch almost life size black baby doll, eyes open/close and move side to side, movable arms/legs, red and white knit suit and cap.
  17. 5 1/2 inch decorative article, wooden figure of black person with guitar, bowl of fruit on head, hoop earrings, 'souvenir of Bermuda' printed on front.
  18. 10 1/2 inch plastic "mammy Memo" wall plaque, black woman holding pencil which appears as broom handle, small pad of memo paper is part of her skirt.
  19. 4 1/2 inch decorative souvenir, plastic walnut, front is a face of black girl with hair- tufts of yarn tied with red ribbon, "Topsy A Nut from Florida" printed on front of souvenir.
  20. 4 1/2 inch decorative souvenir, small black person, straw hat, hoop earrings, sitting among round red fruit (apples? tomatoes?) next to a sign on which is printed "Florida."
  21. 8 inch bobble-head coin bank/ figure of Bahamian policeman, in uniform of white coat and hat, souvenir of Nassau.
  22. 3 inch cylindrical empty red cardboard box with cartoon of young black woman on side.
  23. 6 inch tin wind-up toy, with curved bottom, functional, caricature of black person dressed in ceremonial African costume with large drum. When wound, the hands beat on drum head with clicking sound.
  24. 1-3 inch ceramic figurines, various small, group of five.
  25. 2-4 inch ceramic outhouses, group of four, variously painted.
  26. 3 1/2 inch pair of ceramic black children, faces modeled to appear as apes, each with a white bow on head.
  27. 1 1/2 - 3 inch ceramic pins - one is a buxom black woman who appears to be dancing, the other a black statue of liberty.
  28. 2 - 4 inch mixed group of five black figurines, plastic and/or ceramic.
  29. 4 inch cast iron black jockey figure in red vest and cap, white shirt and trousers, on pedestal.
  30. 2-3 inch variety of small decorative articles, ceramic/plastic/cloth, various black figures.
  31. 1-3 inch variety of small decorative articles, two ceramic items, one miniature iron fry pan and one button-pin.
Finding Aid/Box 13: Items 1-29
  1. 9 inch soft cloth doll, black child in overalls holding an apple, design details painted on fabric covering.
  2. 6 inch heavy cast iron figure of paunchy black man. Item is in two sections, split lengthwise, outer surface painted to show blue pants, red polka dot shirt; horizontal slit opening in upper back suggests this may be a coin bank.
  3. 4 inch ceramic head of black man, smoking pipe, top of head removes as lid to hollow container.
  4. 6 inch ceramic wall plaque, black girl holding a watermelon, souvenir of Arizona, painted features, single hook at bottom.
  5. 6 inch ceramic wall plaque, black boy holding a slice of watermelon, exaggerated facial features, two hooks at bottom.
  6. 9 inch hollow plastic black baby doll, movable arms and legs, painted facial features.
  7. 2 1/2 inch ceramic and shell souvenir from Pensacola, Florida with small black child holding watermelon slice.
  8. 3 inch ceramic and shell souvenir from Biloxi, Mississippi, same as item 7 above.
  9. 11 inch soft cloth doll, female in gold pants, blue shirt and yellow hat.
  10. 3 inch ceramic planter, black person standing in front of hollow tree trunk, holding a sword.
  11. 9 inch full face mask, of black male with 'rooted' hair and handlebar mustache.
  12. 3 1/2 inch ceramic decorative article, black child seated on a toilet.
  13. 3 inch diameter mirror with advertisement on verso for the Aunt Jemima Breakfast Club.
  14. 7 inch black female doll on round stand, dressed in brightly colored costume, head wrap and earrings.
  15. 4 inch decorative article constructed from burlap, bits of cloth, plastic, straight pins and a bottle cap, depicting black person playing banjo.
  16. 4 inch metal black male figure, red pants, yellow hat, smoking cigar, standing on the edge of an ashtray.
  17. 3 inch box with sliding top containing small black doll dressed in pink felt snowsuit, appears to be made in Italy.
  18. 5 inch tall can of Fairbanks Gold Dust Scouring Cleanser, two small black boys pictured on label, unopened, contents intact.
  19. 5 1/2 inch wooden decorative article, possibly a bookend, porter figure carrying luggage and golf clubs.
  20. 2 inch decorative article, ceramic black female, seated, in grass skirt and straw-colored lei.
  21. 7 inch pair of ceramic salt/pepper shakers, quite large, black male and female dressed in yellow with names "Salty" and "Peppy".
  22. 7 1/2 inch very large ceramic wall plaque, grotesquely exaggerated black female face. It seems from barely legible instructions incised in clay interior, this can be used with a razor, to cut string, the ball of string apparently should fit inside the concave back of plaque with string end pulling through front of mouth.
  23. 3 1/2 inch diameter metal button-pins, one from Scully Syrup Co., the other from Northrup King Seed Co., both featuring black people on front surface.
  24. 16 inch hand puppet of black "Dracula" figure, made of cloth and light wood with painted facial features.
  25. 4 inch ceramic figure of black female carrying two barrels (which are actually salt and pepper shakers,) suspended from shoulder brace, souvenir of Niagara Falls.
  26. 8 inch ceramic wall plaque, black boy walking under red umbrella, painted details.
  27. 4 inch high, 5 inch diameter cookie tin with paper wrap-around label advertising Louise Cook's Pralines, with drawing of black woman in shawl holding basket. Made in New Orleans, LA.
  28. 2 1/2 inch - 3 inch various ceramic decorative articles: pair of salt/pepper shakers, a wall plaque and an outhouse, (group of four items.)
  29. 3 inch - 5 inch various ceramic and plastic black baby dolls, (group of five items.)
Finding Aid/Box 14: Items 1-11
  1. 13 X 7 inch "Rumble-Tumble" game, object of which is to roll little balls down an incline to fall into holes with point values.
  2. 20 inch black male, soft cloth doll, elaborately dressed in black suit, top hat, glittering ribbon and umbrella, with a small bird on his shoulder.
  3. 7 inch tube of "Darkie Tooth Paste", contents intact in original green/black/white box, made in Taiwan.
  4. 14 inch cloth, plastic and wood marionette, brightly dressed black male, red hat, holding a plastic rattle ball in each hand.
  5. 8 inch tin noise-maker toy with black male face painted on surface.
  6. 7 inch box containing 16mm film (on reel) of Little Black Sambo, produced by Castle Films.
  7. 9 inch ceramic cookie jar as portly black woman, white dress, green trim, red turban, painted details.
  8. 11 X 12 1/2 inch framed picture with glass, of black boy at night, with lantern, apparently stealing a chicken from a chicken coop.
  9. 10 inch hollow ceramic decorative article, black boy sitting with a watermelon resting on his knees (which are drawn up) just under his chin, painted details in red, green and black.
  10. An exact duplicate of Item 7, not photographed.
  11. 1 1/2 -7 inch variety of small plastic decorative items: a letter opener, face of a black woman in red turban, an alligator with black person's head in its mouth (the head is the top of a pencil) and a black female figure in orange dress and tan apron, and a see/hear/speak no evil group of three children; five items.
Finding Aid/Box 15: Items 1-23
  1. 6 1/2 inch wall plaque, black male face, as a baker in yellow cap and shirt, single hook at bottom.
  2. 7 inch tin/metal wind-up toy, children on a teeter-totter under an umbrella; when wound up, children move up and down as umbrella whirls around.
  3. 15 inch black baby doll, painted facial features, movable arms/legs, fabric dress and bonnet, knitted pink booties.
  4. 12 inch soft cloth black female doll, fabric clothes -red checked skirt and head wrap, yellow blouse, green apron, beige shoes and socks, painted facial features.
  5. 14 inch black male doll, dressed elaborately in straw, beads, cloth and intricately woven cape, movable/legs, eyes open and close, ceremonial paint on face.
  6. Various items of costume jewelry: three pins, one pair of clip earrings and one necklace.
  7. 6 1/2 inch wall plaque, black female face, exaggerated facial features, hanging hardware on back.
  8. 17 inch soft cloth black female doll, brown overalls, red plaid shirt, green hat, painted facial features.
  9. 3 inch hollow ceramic decorative article, African black face, open mouth, bone in hair - possibly a small dish.
  10. 6 inch ceramic black doll, dressed as slave picking cotton, fabric clothes with burlap sack containing cotton hanging across shoulder.
  11. 4 inch plastic decorative article, lavender elephant, movable legs, with black figure in white turban seated on elephant's head.
  12. 12 inch soft cloth black female doll, dressed bright print cotton dress and turban.
  13. 11 inch plastic black female doll dressed in lace "bathing suit" outfit, elaborate head wrap, gold beads, movable arms/legs attached by loose strings.
  14. 18 inch ceramic black female doll, yarn tufts for hair, red/white print dress, black shoes, painted facial features, movable arms and legs.
  15. 11 inch ceramic wall plaque/sconce for electric light, featuring face of black woman, light socket positioned above her head.
  16. 4 1/2 inch red plastic decorative article or toy, black person sitting on back of donkey/elephant - interchangeable heads, possibly of political implication?
  17. 7 inch black female doll, soft cloth body made of brown velvet, straw skirt, hair in ponytail, painted facial features. Small label on bottom of foot: "made in England by Nora Wellings."
  18. 5 X 7 inch red framed 3 x 5 postcard, showing caricature of black male and female in a dating dispute, "Trunned Down" (sic) printed on front face of card, with "c. 1906 White City Art Co., Chicago." Frame backing paper notes "Coons" and "published by M. T. Sheahan, Boston, Mass."
  19. 7 inch diameter lamp shade, clip-on style, beige with red dots - possible part of Item 15, this Box?
  20. 5 inch cast iron coin bank in shape of black woman in red dress and turban, tan apron, coin slot on back.
  21. 12 inch black female doll, body of brown velvet, ankle/arm bracelets in grass skirt, beaded necklace, 'real' hair and painted facial features. Label: "Made in England by Nora Wellings."
  22. 10 1/2 X 12 1/2 inch framed print "Nigger in a Woodpile", showing a little black boy on top of a wood pile; appears to be signed (?), and is stamped in lower left corner "Copyright 1916, Morris & Bendien, NY."
  23. 23 inch wooden lawn ornament, black girl and dog, two separate items attached by a rope, with stake in each for inserting in ground, paint somewhat cracked and faded.
Box 1: Items 1-44
  1. 5 inch ceramic decorative article, black male figure, possibly East Indian, holding sword, dressed in white full pants with green trim and matching turban.
  2. 1 1/2 inch alphabet cube, some sides with pictures; the letter 'N' shows picture of a "Negro."
  3. 4 inch whisk brooms (3 items) all modeled as black females with broom bristles as skirts with painted wooden handles; included is another decorative item, a black child eating slice of watermelon, sitting on a pincushion mounted on a 1 1/2 inch square wooden platform.
  4. 3 1/2 inch ceramic wall plaque, black female face, exaggerated features, in red turban with gold top bow, single hook at bottom.
  5. 7 inch yellow box containing tube of "Darkie Toothpaste," made in Taiwan by Hawley and Hazel Corp.
  6. 1 1/4 inch tiny black male figure, blue pants, red cut-away jacket, yellow vest, movable arms/legs, hanging on a black ribbon - possibly to be worn as a necklace.
  7. 4 inch ceramic decorative article, black male, yellow hat, pink shirt, seated holding oversized pink pitcher by his side.
  8. 5 1/2 black weighted bottom glass with slender African dancing figures in gold decorating the outside circumference.
  9. 2 1/2 inch ceramic white elephant, with very small black person seated on its head.
  10. 5 inch ceramic Christmas decorative article, black choir boy/girl in long white robe, holding a gold star. (See items below, #s 13-15).
  11. 5 inch ceramic wall vase, as black East Indian figure dressed in bright orange pants, green jacket, blue slippers, white turban. Floral décor might be placed in top of head or in crook of curved arm.
  12. 5 1/2 inch ceramic decorative article, black boy standing, appearing to have some difficulty holding up his ill-fitting, very loose shorts. Painted facial features, very exaggerated.
  13. 5 inch ceramic Christmas decorative article, black choir boy/girl in long white robe, holding a hands in position of prayer.
  14. 5 inch ceramic Christmas decorative article, black choir boy/girl in long white robe, holding a candle.
  15. 5 inch ceramic Christmas decorative article, black choir boy/girl in long white robe, holding a book.
  16. 5 inch ceramic decorative article, vase or small planter, black girl standing next to enlarged half-ear of corn, hollowed to hold floral décor, painted features, pink dress, red hair bows.
  17. 5 1/2 inch ceramic decorative article, black shoe-shine boy, red pants, green shirt, blue cap, with shine kit "5 ", painted details.
  18. 5 inch ceramic decorative article, black girl in white dress and cap with green trim, seated, holding slice of watermelon, with remainder in her lap.
  19. 2 1/2 inch ceramic egg cup (?) with black face on outer surface.
  20. 3 inch ceramic planter, black African figure, red loin cloth and spear, standing in front of green tree trunk.
  21. 6 inch box containing tube of "Darkie Toothpaste".
  22. 3 inch ceramic decorative article, black boy in red shorts with a companion dog which is pulling an ash cart shaped like a toilet.
  23. 3 inch cup or short pitcher, dark brown with spout and handle, caricature of black face on outer side.
  24. 5 inch ceramic wall plaque, black boy and girl holding slice of watermelon, painted details, two hooks at bottom.
  25. 6 inch miniature cast iron fry pan, raised relief of Uncle Remus on inside surface; 1920-1930 written on affixed label from Cobbs Galleries Inc.
  26. 5 inch ceramic ash tray with removable glass dish, black boy with duck at edge, "early bird catches the worm" printed on side.
  27. 4 inch snow globe-like item, but filled with reddish liquid, surrounding a "watermelon boy in New Orleans" as stated on printed label, made in Covington Tennessee by Atlas Crystal Works.
  28. 5 inch ceramic coin bank as small black boy, seated, with a black and blue cap, painted details.
  29. 4 inch hollow ceramic decorative article, seated black man with very short legs, very large bare feet with black faces on soles. Openings in back of item and in tips of toes indicate this may function as an incense burner.
  30. 7 inch hollow ceramic wall decorative article, a string dispenser, black woman with very large full skirt - ball of string fits inside the skirt, a small hole above her hands allows string to be pulled to desired length and presumably cut.
  31. 5 1/2 inch ornamental ceramic wall plaque, black girl, exaggerated facial features, holding watermelon slice just below her chin, painted details, two hooks at bottom.
  32. 5 inch ceramic decorative article, black boy holding slice of watermelon, larger whole watermelon at his side is hollow and probably meant to hold flowers or small plant.
  33. 4 inch ceramic plant or flower container, fashioned as black woman in polka dot dress, plaid apron and red head wrap.
  34. 7 inch ceramic decorative wall plaque, black female child seated in round yellow bathtub, painted details.
  35. 8 inch ceramic black female doll, in one piece yellow and green short suit, with ribbon tied around waist, painted features, movable arms/legs.
  36. 3 inch ceramic decorative article, black girl seated in orange skirt, holding an oversized hollow dice.
  37. 9 inch hollow ceramic decorative article, black male, kneeling with pipe in his mouth, bouquet of flowers in his hands, green shirt and cap, blue pants.
  38. 4 1/2 inch ceramic decorative article, black man holding basket with small pig inside. The fact that he has what appears to be a large knife in his other hand lends doubt to the longevity of the little pig's life.
  39. 6 inch ceramic decorative article, black girl sitting on a potty, holding slice of watermelon which has been cut from the whole watermelon in her lap, paint very badly chipped.
  40. 4 1/2 inch ceramic decorative article, black boy urinating with duck/goose biting his genital, souvenir of Atlantic City printed on front.
  41. 6 inch ceramic wall plaque, black male holding slice of watermelon, painted details, two hooks along with date 1949 incised at bottom.
  42. 5 inch ceramic decorative article, male and female Asian couple standing together, male seems to be holding something, (perhaps flowers?), painted details.
  43. 5 1/2 inch ceramic wall plaque, attached handwritten label on back from Cobbs Galleried Inc., indicates "1920s black mammy plaque very rare $45."
  44. 12 inch black baby doll, fabric clothes, (red dress and panties) yarn tufts for hair, ceramic (?) surface severely crackled.
Box 17 Items 1-34
  1. 3 inch decorative article, black child, eating watermelon, seated on cotton bale wrapped in burlap, "New Orleans, LA" on front label.
  2. 4 inch clothespin doll, black female dressed in blue print cotton dress, white apron, holding watermelon slice, on small disc stand.
  3. 4 inch plastic wind-up toy, black baby doll, fabric clothes, ribbon-wrapped yarn tufts for hair. Key mechanism broken, but at one time, baby crawled when wound up; in small brown cardboard box,
  4. 7 inch wooden wind-up toy (mechanism broken), black boy atop horse with wheels on all four feet, painted details.
  5. 8 inch packaged set of six plastic swizzle sticks on cardboard backing - depicting the changes in physical contours of a black woman's body resulting from aging.
  6. 4 1/2 inch hollow ceramic pitcher, shaped as East Indian woman, holding tea pot, head-wrap shaped to form pouring spout, painted details.
  7. 5 1/2 inch cork bottle stopper with ceramic head of black male on top; narrow plastic straw inserted through item allows liquid contents of bottle, when tipped, to fill ceramic head and pour out small hole beneath elongated nose.
  8. 5 inch decorative article, black male constructed of crepe-paper wrapped pipe cleaners (?) which form tan suit and hat, painted facial features.
  9. 6 inch plastic dolls, single item; by turning the cloth skirt out one or another, it becomes either the dress of a little girl doll, or a boy doll in a red pointed hat.
  10. 4 1/2 inch complimentary gift cards (2) from "JR Spicer" showing cartoon characters, black male and female.
  11. 7 inch boxed set of three Uncle Remus Tales 45 RPM records: 1) "Brer Rabbit's Laughing Place," 2) "Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby," 3) "Brer rabbit Runs Away" from Walt Disney's Song of the South.
  12. 5 1/2 inch ceramic wall plaque, black male face in yellow baker's cap, hooks usually at bottom are missing.
  13. 6 1/2 inch ceramic "bobble head" decorative article, young black female seated, holding fruit (much of which has been broken with pieces retained in plastic bag) souvenir of Puerto Rico.
  14. 6 inch diameter yellow, round holiday (New Year) ornament, decorated with clear and colored beads, with black baby seated on top.
  15. 7 inch hard bound book with dust jacket, a novel Black Sadie by T. Bowyer Campbell about "a dusky imp who was born on the crest of the negro fad", Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1928.
  16. 4 inch ceramic bowl with lid, perhaps a candy dish, in shape of black female face, bow in hair functions as small handle for the lid, painted details.
  17. (3 items): 10 inch cardboard figure of black male named "Smokin' Sambo" perforation in mouth may have held a cigarette at one time; a 3 inch felt change purse with cartoon female face in African colors of red, green and black; also a 3 inch diameter leather disc with cut-out shape of Africa, in red and green, with narrow woven strap, probably worn as necklace.
  18. 2 1/2 - 4 inch group of five small ceramic pieces, including one doll, 2 decorative figures, one salt or pepper shaker and an egg cup.
  19. 4 inch pair ceramic black male and female figurines, holding various pieces of fruit, painted details.
  20. 3 inch black ceramic ashtray, with black clown figure in red/yellow polka dot suit, lounging along one edge.
  21. 6 inch ceramic black baby doll, movable arms/legs, hair tufts tied with ribbons, knit booties, fabric diapers.
  22. 7 inch hollow plastic decorative article, black baker holding loaf of bread on top of his head, out of reach of small black boy at his feet who is looking up at it.
  23. 6 inch ceramic wall plaque, black male face in ¾ profile, red bow tie, yellow hat, painted facial features
  24. 16 inch cotton cloth 'bag' doll - doll's dress functions as a container for something like a child's nightdress or perhaps for empty plastic bag storage, hangs from shoulder of black, soft cloth doll.
  25. 8 inch cloth stuffed black female doll, souvenir of Jamaica, bright cotton dress and apron, basket of fruit on her head.
  26. 5 1/2 inch ceramic wall plaque, black female face, yellow dress, red hair bow; torn label on surface appears to identify item as being from Niagara Falls, Canada, 2 hooks at bottom.
  27. 6 inch ceramic wall plaque, black 'Aunt Jemima 'face, crude caricature, exaggerated facial features.
  28. 6 inch ceramic wall plaque, black female face in ¾ profile, blue hat, red bow tie (appears to be mate to Item 23 this box).
  29. 8 inch ceramic decorative article, black male dressed entirely in black satin-like fabric suit, with large black sack on his back, and another parasol-like object carried over shoulder, crescent-shaped earrings suggest possible Islamic origin/meaning to costume on figure.
  30. Duplicate of item 23.
  31. 7 inch ceramic 'bobble head' figure, seated black child with apple and watermelon slice in lap, painted facial details.
  32. 7 inch ceramic figurine, black boy in blue pants, pink shirt yellow hat, holding a chicken, painted details.
  33. 17 inch soft cloth black doll, stuffed felt body, with red/yellow striped shirt, yarn hair, tag indicates this is "Jasper, Paramount's Star of George Pal's Puppetoons."
  34. Various small pieces (4): a black couple dancing Cuban Rhumba, painted n glass; card with Phoebe Snow pictured on front; black male figure dressed in fabric pants and shirt, yarn hair; piece of costume jewelry - pin of turbaned black face, green bead eyes, gold trim.
Box 18: Items 1-23
  1. 12 inch soft cloth doll, black female, matching cotton skirt and bandana with earrings, knotted string necklace, painted facial features.
  2. 2 inch plastic decorative item, black snake-charmer figure, playing wind instrument, facing a snake with open mouth.
  3. 8 1/2 inch hollow plastic figure, black boy, pink pants, yellow shirt, green hat, eyes set on tiny springs which make the eyes move in haphazard fashion.
  4. 8 inch molded plastic doll, black female, probably in African costume with baby carried on her back, balancing a bundle on top of her head, brightly colored cotton dress, white apron, white beaded necklace and bracelets.
  5. 8 1/2 inch decorative article, soft cloth stuffed black female doll, brightly colored cotton dress, large hoop earrings, balancing fruit basket on her head, painted facial features.
  6. 4 inch decorative article, textured, opaque glass bottle, with small black person's head fashioned in wood as bottle top with hat and short suggestion of dress with bow at neck, painted facial features.
  7. 5 1/2 inch hollow molded plastic doll, black child in blue shorts and blue shoes, object inside to effect a rattle.
  8. 9 inch box of Fairbank's Gold Dust Washing Powder, predominantly orange box with gold lettering, twin black children featured on front, back and side panels, Unopened, contents intact.
  9. 10 inch ceramic black baby doll, female, red polka-dot cotton dress and panties, white apron, booties tied with ribbon to match hair tuft bows, painted facial features, movable arms/legs.
  10. 3 inch ceramic decorative article, two black children attempting to share the same potty.
  11. 8 inch molded plastic black doll, painted features, arms and legs movable by elastic string which has become worn and stretched out.
  12. 5 inch ceramic wall plaque, black female face, yellow hat, gold earrings, red nick bow, painted features.
  13. 4 1/2 inch ceramic candy dish/ashtray with black male face in white baker's cap and red bow tie along one side, painted details.
  14. 3 inch ceramic salt and pepper shakers, male and female black faces which are hollow containers, these fit into a 2-sided small dish or spoon rest fashioned as arms and shoulders.
  15. Duplicate of Item 12 this box, except hat is green.
  16. 5 inch ceramic oil and vinegar set, black male and female heads with cork as 'neck' allowing removal from 'body' which would contain the oil and vinegar.
  17. 2 1/2 inch duplicate set of ceramic salt and pepper shakers, shaped as black male and female heads, grey baker/s hat on male, green bow on female.
  18. 3 inch hollow carved wood salt and pepper shakers, black male (Rastus) and black female (Liza), corks in bottom.
  19. 12 X 15 inch framed/matted art work, showing group of 6 black musicians in a stage-like setting, each playing an instrument, one is singing, - figures appear to be slightly raised and carefully cut out from pre-existing format.
  20. 5 inch molded plastic salt shakers (3) - all exactly alike, black "aunt Jemima" figures, in red dresses, white aprons.
  21. 2, 3, and 4 inch various ceramic salt, pepper shakers, all duplicates, none making a pair.
  22. 4, 7, and 8 inch various ceramic salt, pepper shakers, unmatched, four modeled as black females and one as black male bakers.
  23. Various small items: 2 1/2 inch ceramic decorative articles (2) black child sitting on a potty, holding watermelon slice; 31/2 inch molded plastic black baby, no clothes; 4 1/2 inch whisk broom modeled as black female; molded plastic pepper shaker as black male in red coat, yellow pants, holding a top hat.
Box 19: Items 1-25
  1. 23 X 14 inch board game with black boy, exaggerated facial features holding the target. Surface is metal so the "darts" (not present) may have been magnetized. Made in USA by Wyandotte Toys.
  2. 4 X 21 inch heavy ceramic wall plaque; eight black male heads, , with red mouths open, upper white teeth showing, all lined up on red base on which is engraved "all coons look alike to me". Hanging hardware on back. "Made in Boston by Plastiart, 1911" incised in ceramic material.
  3. 6 X 9 inch flat cardboard stage setting with painted curtain and backdrop, various black and white (racially speaking) costumed characters, each with a numbered tab at bottom - judging by missing numbered characters and lack of any printed 'clues', exact drama title (if indeed one existed) could not be determined.
  4. 9 inch square cardboard jigsaw puzzle, one piece missing, of black (circus?) family: father, mother and small boy.
  5. 4 X 13 inch advertisements (two) - one for" Small Black Zinfandel", featuring a small black baby seated in center, from Victor Fruit Growers, Escalon California; the other "Black Joe Juice Grapes" featuring face of black man with white hair and eyebrows, from Ed Kurtz, Lodi, California.
  6. A) 13 1/2 X 10 1/2 Norman Rockwell reproduced illustration, possibly torn from magazine (advertisement for ham on back) showing typical street scene "chaos" caused by a very early automobile, "speeding" through a neighborhood. B) 9 X 12 1/2 colored print, mounted on sturdy paper, of a "black band" playing for 19th century "white society", humorous intention. Design attributed to A. Vallee.
  7. 9 X 9 inch advertisement for "Dixie Boy Brand" citrus fruit from Waverly Growers Co-Operative, Waverly, Florida; central picture is of a black boy eating a grapefruit.
  8. 14 X 10 1/2 inch advertisement page from Ladies' Home Journal, December 1924, depicting a black household servant (male) offering Armour's Star Ham to Santa Claus.
  9. 12 1/2 X 10 1/2 inch cardboard display sign for stores selling Gold Dust dishwashing soap. Featured are two black children, popularly known as the Gold Dust Twins.
  10. 11 X 8 1/2 inch complete issue of Liberty Magazine November 29, 1941, featuring a black man poised with an axe in hand, standing over a turkey.
  11. 13 1/2 X 11 Saturday Evening Post, complete issue for June 15, 1940 cover featuring a black woman who has just hung her laundry to dry, noticing that it's beginning to rain.
  12. 14 X 10 1/2 inch advertising page from unknown magazine, featuring a black male lawn jockey with bottle of Four Roses Whiskey.
  13. 7 X 10 advertisement/poster for a musical entitled "Keep Shufflin" starring comedians Meeler & Lyles, no date.
  14. Two postcards: 1) from Getty Museum of black male bust by English sculptor, Francis Harwood and 2) comic from series "Jocular Jinks of Kornelia Kinks," made in Buffalo, NY, 1907.
  15. Three items: 1) Menu from the Coon Chicken Inn, 3 locations - Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City, featuring caricature of black male face on front with lettering on exposed teeth; 2) caricature postcard, "pearly gates ajar" - black male face, exaggerated grin, exposed teeth; 3) oval-shaped label, possibly to put on outside of watermelon, from Christian & Cockrill, Mackintosh, Florida - label picture of black man eating slice of watermelon
  16. 8 X 10 black and white photo of Eddie Cantor, Lucille Ball (according to writing on back of photo) in "Roman Scandals", two other unidentified women in photo as well.
  17. 8 X 10 photo of light-skinned black woman, unclothed except for whose and draped fur, lying on what appears to be a car seat (removed from car). Credits at bottom margin indicate from film "Harlem Follies".
  18. 3 X 7 duplicate photos (probably for stereoscopic viewer) of three small black boys eating what appears to be a piece of meat; mounted on heavy cardboard, from Keystone View Co., c. 1904.
  19. Complete issue of McCall's Magazine, April 1917 "Spring Fashion Number." Featured on cover is drawing of a black bellhop figure, carrying various striped round hatboxes.
  20. Clippings and correspondence, Miscellaneous, Six File Folders: Representing Eda Kenney (2), Lester Glassner (2), Neal Peters/David Smith, George Ogee.
  21. Lester Glassner's Collecting Interests, Selected Examples, Three File Folders: Carousels, Historic Theatres, Black Memorabilia. Most folder contents are printouts from various websites, many in color. Fourth folder contains an unidentified photograph of an art work possibly by Lester Glassner.
  22. Photographs: primarily early film stars.
  23. Slides: Positive and Negative, miscellaneous, many from commercial and archival sources.
  24. Photographs: Miscellaneous, primarily of a more familial and personal nature.
  25. 3-ring notebook containing memorabilia, photographs, notices and reviews from various newspapers and arts magazine for Lester Glassner's solo exhibition at the Ruth White Gallery in New York, March 17- April 4, 1970. Featured in the exhibit were his so-called 'beauty boxes' and selected drawings.
Box 20: Items 1-32; Collection of Black Popular Song Sheets, 1847-1932; and Miscellaneous: Items 33-36
  1. Title
  2. Composer/Lyricist Publisher/Date
  3. Ain't Misbehavin'
  4. Waller/Razaf Mills/1929
  5. All Coons Look Alike
  6. Ernest Hogan (both) Witmark/1896
  7. American Folksongs (collection)
  8. Williams Jub. Singers/n.d.
  9. At the High Brown Babies' Ball
  10. Davis/Erdman Leo Feist/1919
  11. Beautiful
  12. Leonard/Stein Berlin Music/1929
  13. Between Devil & Deep Blue Sea
  14. Arlen/ Koehler Mills/1931
  15. Bullfrog and the Coon
  16. Nathan/Feist Leo Feist/1906
  17. Carolina Lullaby
  18. Panella/Hirsch Harrison Music/1921
  19. Copper Colored Gal
  20. Coots/Davis Mills Music/1936
  21. Cotton Pickin' Time in Alabam'
  22. Daly/Cool Jerome/1916
  23. Dancin' 'neath the Dixie Moon
  24. Nelson/Hart Stasny/1918
  25. Dapper Dan
  26. von Tilzer/Brown Broadway Music/1921
  27. Dark Town Strutters' Ball (4)
  28. Shelton Brooks (both) Leo Feist/1917
  29. Denison's Mirthquake Minstrel
  30. Alford/Langworthy Denison/1928
  31. Did You Forget? (2)
  32. Lew Berk (both) Lew Berk/1924
  33. Eli Green's Cakewalk
  34. Koninsky/Reed Stern/1896
  35. Every Day
  36. Shepard Edmonds (both) S. Edmonds/1921
  37. Goin' Home Blues
  38. Olsen/Raskin Richmond-Robbins/1924
  39. Harold Rossiter's Popular Collection
  40. (various) Rossiter/1918
  41. Here Comes the Showboat
  42. Pinkard/Rose Shapiro, Bernstein/1927
  43. Hot Lips
  44. Davis/H.Busse, H. Lange Lew Feist/1922
  45. Hush My Little Coon
  46. J.W. Wheeler (both) Setchell/1898
  47. I Can't Give You Anything but Love
  48. McHugh/Fields Jack Mills/1928
  49. I Want my Mammy
  50. Breau/Wehner Belwin/1921
  51. I'm a Jonah Man
  52. Alex Rogers (both) Witmark/1903
  53. I'm Yours
  54. Green/Harburg Famous Music/1930
  55. In the Evening by the Moonlight
  56. J.A. Bland (both)Hitchcock/1880
  57. It All Depends on You
  58. DeSylva, Brown, Henderson DeSylva, Brown, Hen./1926
  59. It's Tight Like That
  60. Dorsey/Whittaker Melrose Music/1928
  61. Kinky Kids Parade
  62. Donaldson/Kahn Leo Feist/1925
  63. Land of Cotton Blues
  64. Bennett/Jerome Waterson, Berlin, Snyder/1923
  65. Lazy Darkey Song
  66. Nevin/Allen Ditson/1940
  67. Lis'en! Hear dat Music
  68. B. Aiken-Green (both) Mrs. D. Green/1920
  69. Ma!
  70. Conrad/ClareFred Fisher/1921
  71. Maizy, my Dusky Daisy
  72. Helf/Heelan J. Stern/1901
  73. Mammy Jinny's Jubilee
  74. Muir/Gilbert F.A. Mills/1913
  75. Mammy's Little Coal Black Rose
  76. Whiting/Egan Remick/1916
  77. Moon Shines on the Moonshine
  78. Bowers/Dewitt Shapiro & Bernstein/1920
  79. Mountain Greenery
  80. Rogers/Hart Harms/1926
  81. My Dusky Rose
  82. Thomas Allen (both) Walter Jacobs/1905
  83. My Girl Uses Mineralava
  84. Eddie Cantor (both) Solax/1923
  85. My Little Zulu Babe
  86. Brymn/Estren Windsor/190
  87. My Mammy
  88. Frank Nichols (both) Nichols/1920
  89. O-Hi-O
  90. Olman/Yellen Forster/1920
  91. Oh! Didn't it Rain
  92. Eddie Leonard (both) E.B. Marks/1923
  93. One Man Band
  94. Weems/Baxter Southern/1931
  95. One Meat Ball
  96. Singer/Zaret Leeds Music/1934
  97. Perfect Song
  98. Breil/Lucas Chappell/1929
  99. Pickaninny's Paradise
  100. Osborne/Erlich von Tilzer/1918
  101. Porgy
  102. McHugh/Fields Mills/19128
  103. Prancin' Pickaninnies
  104. Dreyfus/Sterling Harms/1899
  105. Quit Cryin' the Blues
  106. Felix Lewis(both) Charlotte-Irving/1931
  107. Rap, Rap, Rap Your Minstrel Bones
  108. von Tilzer/Brown York/1912
  109. Red Lips Kiss My Blues Away
  110. Monaco, Wendling & Bryan (both) Waterson/1927
  111. Sam, the Old Accordion Man (2)
  112. Walter Donaldson (both) Leo Feist/1927
  113. Shoe Shine Boy (2)
  114. Chaplin/Kahn Mills Music/1936
  115. Shoo Shoo Boogie Boo
  116. Robin, Coslow, Whiting (both) Famous Music/1929
  117. Shortnin' Bread (2)
  118. Fred Huffner (arranger) Calumet Music/1929
  119. Somebody's Done Me Wrong
  120. Skidmore/Walker Skidmore Music/1918
  121. Stormy Weather
  122. Arlen/Koehler Mills Music/1933
  123. Swing Me Honey
  124. Johnson/Callahan Root/1914
  125. Swingin' on the Swanee Shore
  126. Cavanaugh, Redmond, David (both) Stasny Music/1936
  127. 'Tain't No Sin
  128. Donaldson/Leslie Lawrence Wright/1929
  129. Taking a Chance on Love
  130. Duke, LaTouche, Fetter (both) Miller/1940
  131. That's Why Darkies were Born
  132. Brown/Henderson Crawford Music/1931
  133. They Made it Twice as Nice
  134. Whiting/Egan Remick/1916
  135. Three Little Words (3)
  136. Ruby/Kalmar Harms/1930
  137. Underneath the Harlem Moon
  138. Revel/Gordon DeSilva, Brown,Henderson/ 1932
  139. Waiting and Longing for You
  140. Wilson/Sear Rossiter/1912
  141. Waiting for the Robert E Lee
  142. Gilbert/Muir Alfred Music/1930
  143. Walk in the Parlor
  144. G.N. Christy (both) Jaques & Bros./1847
  145. What's Keeping my Prince Charming
  146. Nichols/Holiner Shapiro, Bernstein/1931
  147. When it's Nightime Down in Dixie
  148. Irving Berlin (both) Waterson, Berlin/1914
  149. When Old Bill Bailey Plays the Ukalele (2)
  150. Vincent/McCarron Broadway Music/1915
  151. When You Sang Hush-a-bye to Me
  152. Logan & Olman/Glick Forster/1918
  153. When Your Heart's in the Game
  154. Tierney/McCarthy Leo Feist/1923
  155. You Do
  156. Bannister/Howard Marks/1930
Box 20 Finding aid, Black Memorabilia: Solo Piano Music. Items 1-23
  1. Title
  2. Composer Publisher/Date
  3. At Coontown's Picnic
  4. Line, Hans Windsor/1899
  5. Beeswax Rag
  6. Lincoln, Harry J. Vandersloot/1911
  7. Blue Boogie (piano duet)
  8. Schaum, John W. Belwin/1946
  9. Blue Boogie
  10. Schaum, John W. Belwin/1944
  11. Brown's Jubilee March
  12. Brown, Samuel D. Bell/1885
  13. Carry Me Back to Old Virginny
  14. King, Stanford Flammer/1938
  15. Chicken Charlie
  16. Ballou, AshleyW.C. Polla/1915
  17. Cunning Coons
  18. Line, Hans Windsor/1900
  19. Down Souf in Alabama
  20. Janssen, B.H. B.H. Janssen/1898
  21. Everybody Twostep
  22. Herzer, Wallie Remick/1911
  23. Four Little Sugar Plums
  24. O'Connor, Lawrence Daly Music/1908
  25. Gunpowder Rag
  26. Spangler, Roy J. Morris/1910
  27. Little Sticks o' Licorice
  28. Ruddy, Ray Remick/1911
  29. Ma Ragtime Baby
  30. Stone, Fred S. Whitney Warner/1898
  31. Memories of the South
  32. Thaler, Rudolf Eclipse/1908
  33. Old Black Joe (transcription)
  34. Drumheller, Louis A. Eclipse/1906
  35. Old Folks at Home (theme & var.)
  36. Drumheller, Louis A. Eclipse/1907
  37. Pigeon Wing Rag
  38. Johnson, Charles L. Rossiter/1909
  39. Possum: The Latest Craze (2)
  40. Cohen, J.B. Pease Piano/1909
  41. Sam Will Oblige
  42. Jackson, Sam Edwin Brill/1905
  43. Southern Shuffle
  44. Black, Louise Schroeder & Gunther/1940
  45. Turkey in the Straw (violin,piano)
  46. Grooms, Calvin Century/1927
  47. Whistling Rufus
  48. Mills, Kerry F.A. Mills/1899
Box 20 Finding Aid World War II Popular Songs: Voice and Piano, Items 1-15; Solo Piano, Items 1-3
  1. TITLE
  3. Army Air Corps
  4. Capt. Robert Crawford Carl Fischer/1939
  5. Boy in Khaki - A Girl in Lace
  6. Wrubel/Newman ABCMusic Corp/1942
  7. Comin' In on a Wing and a Prayer
  8. McHugh/Adamson Robbins Music/1943
  9. I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time
  10. Tilzer/Fleeson Broadway Music/1920
  11. I'm Getting Tired So I Can Sleep
  12. Irving Berlin This is the Army/1942
  13. In My Arms
  14. Loesser/Grouya Saunders/1943
  15. It's Your America
  16. Haycraft/Hughes BMI/1942
  17. Keep 'em Flying
  18. Bill Coleman BMI/1941
  19. Man Behind the Gun
  20. Hal Walker J.W.Pepper/1943
  21. Say a Prayer for the Boys (2)
  22. McHugh/Magidson Southern Music/1943
  23. Stand By America
  24. A.H. Ackley Rodeheaver Co./1939
  25. There's a Bright Day Dawning
  26. Fred Riggin Fortune Music/1942
  27. We Did it Before
  28. Friend/Tobias Witmark/1941
  29. We'll Be There
  30. Lester Docking Echoes of Victory/1943
  31. When the Dove of Peace Flies Again
  32. Elmer Brost B.K. Publ./1943
Music for Solo Piano
  1. American Patrol
  2. F.W. Meacham Moderne Publ./1941
  3. American Patrol (simplified)
  4. F.W. Meacham Moderne Publ./1941
  5. Victory March
  6. Mary B. Desmond Bay State Music/1949
Box 21: Items 1-2
  1. 20 inch tall male marionette, wires, strings and control mechanism missing; fabric clothing - black knee pants, white vest, blue shirt, brown socks; torso and legs of unidentified light wood, shoes and head of painted ceramic material, arms of stuffed cloth, knees and ankles "jointed" for movement, facial painted details indicate white racial characteristics, however hands and arms are quite dark. (Head has been broken from body, thus is wrapped separately as 1b.) (Note: This artifact was created by the mother of donor Eda Suttcliffe Kenney; repaired by Lester Glassner, n.d.)
  2. 20 inch tall seated plaster figurine (solid and very heavy), black male youth in dark green jacket, lighter green/black knee pants, green and red cap - all details painted. Position of arms and hands suggests he may be fishing, although no additional items to confirm are present.
Box 22: Item 1
  1. 24 inch black Santa Claus holding a candle, home Christmas décor item; animated and illuminated figure when plugged into electrical outlet. Fabric red velvet suit, belted in black and trimmed in white faux fur, full curly grey beard and glasses. In original box which appears never to have been opened.
Box 23: Item 1
  1. Three 20 X 24 inch matted color photographs of three black dolls (two female, one male), bust portraits, clothing appears to be fabric, very well made, and in one case quite elaborate. Assuming that these were taken by Lester Glassner, it is conjectured that these dolls may have been part of an extensive collection owned by a woman he knew while living in Harlem.
Box 24: Item 1
  1. 25 inch tall black male figure, ceramic; youth wearing patched blue jeans, tan coat, red hat carrying a whole watermelon on his shoulder; all details painted. Back imprint: "1908 Boston Plastic Art Co. #340". (Item cracked in half cross-wise at the leg; because of size and very heavy weight, no attempt has been made to repair. Smaller pieces of plaster chips are in small tissue bundle.)
Box 25: Item 1
  1. 18 inch tall three-quarter figurine, painted ceramic, black male butcher or formal meat carver/server, in white jacket and hat, holding a carving knife, slicing a large piece of meat - perhaps a roast or ham. Item is of solid, heavy ceramic material, badly cracked and repaired temporarily with glue.
Finding Aid/Box 26: Items 1-15
  1. Loos, Anita. Les Hommes Preferent les Blondes. [Paris?], Gallimard, 1949. Inscribed by the author, July 8, 1980.
  2. Costume Designers Guild Awards 1999. Program, 80 pages. Inscribed as birthday gift to Lester from "Neal", 2/99.
  3. Advertisement page from magazine, possibly Life, featuring photograph of Bidu Sayao, lyric soprano for Columbia Masterworks Records. Inscribed to Lester, 1990.
  4. Life, September 5, 1938, cover. Photograph of Katharine Aldridge. Inscribed to Lester, no date.
  5. Life, January 23, 1939, entire issue. Cover photograph of Bette Davis. Inscribed to Lester, 1972.
  6. Modern Screen, May, 1945, entire issue. Cover photograph of Van Johnson. Inscribed to Lester, no date.
  7. a. Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. Program, American Tour, 1942-1943. Four autographs from dancers, James Starbuck, Katia Geleznova, Mia Slovenska, Milada Mladova; several pages torn out.
  8. b. Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. Program, American Tour, 1943-1944.
  9. Museum of Modern Art, New York. The Photographs of Jacques Henri Lartigue. NY. MoMA. 1963.
  10. Museum of Modern Art, New York. Cezanne: The Late Work. Folder with pockets, containing poster and six black & white photographs of Cezanne's studio and five paintings. Exhibition catalog, October 7, 1977-January 3, 1978.
  11. Museum of Modern Art, New York. Pablo Picasso: A Retrospective. Folder with pockets containing map showing how exhibit is arranged among three floors, and six black & white photographs of selected paintings from the exhibit. May 22 - September 16, 1980.
  12. Assorted miscellaneous magazines, some complete issues, otherwise, pages torn therefrom, mixed with other paper artifacts containing various images of black people, portrayed in show business, sports, theatre, cultural events and daily life. Most items are undated. Of those that are dated, the earliest is 1922.
  13. Glassner, Lester. A Brief History of the American Filmusical [sic]. This is a research paper prepared for Mr. Oakes' English 103, Foundations B class, Brooklyn, NY., Pratt Institute, April 4, 1958. Typescript, including comments and grade, presumably from instructor.
  14. Glassner, Lester. The Brooklyn Woman: Five Types . Original art work, mixed media collage, undated. Book format, thick cardboard pages and cover; some of the artwork seems to be missing. Artistic intent appears to be humorous.
  15. African Queen, screenplay by James Agee, John Collier and John Huston, from the novel by C.S. Forester. 169 typescript, onionskin pages, in black loose-leaf binder. Title page indicates this is the property of Horizon Picture, Inc., 650 N. Bronson Ave., Hollywood, California. February 14, 1951.
Finding Aid/Box 27a: Items 1-3; 27b: Items 4-6
  1. 1978 Buffalo Calendar, with images from the historic 1901 Pan American Exposition, along with numerous notes from Buffalo's past. Buffalo,NY, WBFO (88.7) FM.
  2. One small-ring binder, 12 3/4 X 14 1/2 inches containing magazine advertisements, some pictorial articles, society events, entertainment, news and stories centered around soldiers (male and female) associated with World War Two and the war effort in general. A few full issues of magazines, but most are items torn therefrom and encased in plastic sleeves. JFK Coloring Book (1962),pictures to color centered around people/places/events prominent during J.F. Kennedy's presidency; satirical text beneath each picture "narrated" by Caroline Kennedy as a little girl.
    • Set of six large coloring books featuring many of Walt Disney's famous characters, e.g., Goofy, Mickey, Pluto, Donald, etc. On front cover: "Special edition from 1930's original publication" and on back cover: "The illustrations for these books originated on the drawing boards of staff artists and animators at Walt Disney Studios during the 1930s".
  3. Black scrapbook, 11 X 14 inches, sewn binding, containing a personal collection of print and pictorial memories glued or taped to paper pages. A large portion of these are newspaper clippings about Hollywood stars, producers, directors, screenwriters, etc. as well as items about historic Lockport, NY where Mr. Glassner grew up. There are a few letters, notable among which is a 1974 memorandum from Frank Manchel, noted film scholar, consisting of an introductory essay to an exhibit entitled "Black Images in American Film" which makes very favorable reference to Lester Glassner's "invaluable collection of motion picture stills concerning black players and films since the advent of moving pictures."
  4. Seven variously sized calendar/appointment books/telephone books belonging to Lester, 1984-87; 1999, with penciled or penned entries.
  5. Magazine issues: American Country Collectibles, Spring 1993, containing an article about Lester and his 'dime store collection' with color photographs, pp. 22-24; 60. Antique Toy World, March 2000 containing article "20 Questions with Lester Glassner" with photographs, PP. 32-37.
  6. Four various magazines/journals featuring historical theatres, interiors and exteriors.
Finding Aid/Box 28: 1 Item
English Historic Costume Painting Book
  1. Saxon Period 450-1066
  2. Norman Period 1066-1154
  3. Henry II - Edward I 1154-1307
  4. Edward II - Henry VI 1307-1461
  5. Edward IV - Mary 1461-1558
  6. Elizabeth and James I 1558-1625
  7. Charles I and the Commonwealth 1625-1660
  8. Charles II - William and Mary 1660-1702
  9. Anne - George II 1702-1760
  10. George III: Part 1 1760-1789
  11. George III: Part 2 1789-1820
  12. George IV - William IV 1820-1837
  13. Victoria: Part 1 1837-1870
  14. Victoria: Part 2: 1870-1901
  15. Edward VII - George V 1901-1914
  16. George V - Edward VIII 1914-1936
Presumably a complete set; no other volumes published, however Library of Congress has not officially "closed" the record.

Box 29 Miscellaneous File Folders, Items 1-4
  1. 6 pages of similar but unidentifiable images from an e-commerce website (E-Bay) - reasons for interest unknown.
  2. Web pages from The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints, noting birth and death dates for Abraham Glassner and Harry Glassner, (Lester's father and grandfather respectively?); a few notes, doodles, plus a plastic envelope containing 6 small pieces of filmstrip, contents not identified.
  3. Various items of business correspondence to Lester Glassner from Sygma Archive (2006), Castellani Art Museum (2006), Kei Kobayashi Concepts (2005), Vanity Fair (2005) and Houghton Library (2006); sample proofs for business cards or letterhead, 1 sheet, no date.
  4. Collected items of personal correspondence - greeting cards, postcards, email and various photographs of unidentified persons.

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