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    Box 8A

  1. Elegy: A Cantata, n.d. 19 copies of full score.
  2. Postal shipping receipts, April, 2003; printing receipts, invoices, lists of names and addresses and one mimeographed paper “For Sister Mary Appoline”; letter from M. Shapiro, artistic director of I Cantori di New York, June, 1994; three copies of program “Meet the Poet and the Composer” February 1 & 2, 1978; lecture notes, play lists [presumably for this program,]n.d.
  3. Elegy, score in plastic spiral binding with grey cardboard cover – pencil edits apparent with tessitura for vocal parts noted on verso of title page, n.d.
  4. Elegy, 3 copies full score, in red/brown cover, n.d.
  5. Elegy, instrumental parts – flute, viola and bassoon, n.d.
  6. Elegy, Cantata for Four Solo Voices and Chamber Ensemble – poet noted as Robert Patrick Dana. [seems to be a pencil sketch, incomplete, n.d.]
  7. Masters to Elegy, n.d.
  8. Treble clef inserts for Three Mimes, six copies, one original and printer’s invoice, April 1992.
  9. Insert, p. 98 Three Mimes, four copies, one original, March 1992.
  10. Masters – Three Mimes, including title page, copyright statement, Table of Contents and Brief Note to Performers, score, pp. 6-96; New York Times review, February, 1970; photocopy of page from American Musical Digest, Vol. 1 number 5.

    Box8 B

  11. Pantomimes 52 for Voice and Flute, n.d.
  12. Three Mimes for Singer and Flutist, including several pages of “notes to performers” and Table of Contents, n.d.
  13. Pantomimes 52 for Voice and Flute, n.d.
  14. Three Mimes - 3rd Mime – folded small bundle of papers appearing to be compositional notes on scrap, n.d.; composition, title not given, in pencil sketch, February 1985.
  15. Extra pages to Three Mimes; page from Saturday Review, September, 1962 containing poem by David Wagoner “Every Good Boy Does Fine”; various pages of music from Three Mimes, n.d.
  16. Three Mimes for Singer and Flutist , blue plastic cover, white plastic ring binder – notes indicate deposit at the American Music Center, November, 1976 and replaced by Robert Cantrick with new copy, October, 1992; photocopies of reviews from Buffalo Courier Express , February 1970 and New York Times, February 1970, stapled to inside front cover.
  17. Three Mimes for Singer and Flutist , blue plastic cover, white plastic spiral binder. Scattered notes enclosed indicate possible deposit of score with the National Flute Association Library, September, 1991 and with Bang on a Can, October, 1993. Additional note penned on verso of title pate “Composed 1962-1969” and copyright date, 196? Corrected to 1972; invoices for photocopy charges, 1990-1994.
  18. Three Mimes for Singer and Flutist, n.d.; correspondence, dated January 1985.
  19. Miscellaneous papers: photocopy invoices, n.d.; three copies of page labeled “insert p. 98”, correspondence; program from a concert at San Francisco State University, n.d; two copies of “Headlines” (from Three Mimes), n.d.
  20. Three Mimes for Singer and Flutist, white plastic spiral binder, green cover with note “partial score for examination purposes”, with program notes enclosed, n.d.
  21. Three Mimes for Singer and Flutist, thermal copy, incomplete, 1966 with apparent pink and green pen/pencil edits.
  22. Three Mimes for Singer and Flutist, clear plastic cover, black spiral bound, 1972 – note on cover indicates this copy used to produce videotape; relevant reviews included, with excerpts from Nancy Toff’s The Development of the Modern Flute, bound in back.
  23. Three Mimes for Singer and Flutist, clear plastic cover, black spiral bound, 1972. Pencil note on cover “Poet’s autograph p. 53.” Included is correspondence between Robert Cantrick and John Ciardi (then editor of Saturday Review) and a small poster announcing Robert Wagoner’s appearance at University of Buffalo, 1995.
  24. Three Mimes for Singer and Flutist, 1972 with pencil note on cover indicating that the copy includes ”rehearsal notes with Margaret Lancaster, 1993-4”; correspondence; clippings from New York Times, October 30 and November 6, 1994, announcing performances of Three Mimes by the American Chamber Opera Company.
  25. Three Mimes for Singer and Flutist, 1972 with correspondence, 1998.
  26. Three Mimes for Singer and Flutist, 1972 with photocopies of relevant reviews and notices enclosed.
  27. Tone Development through Extended Techniques, revised edition, by Robert Dick, 1986.
  28. VHS cassette: “Three Mimes, World Premiere, New York November 4,5,11,12, 1994, copy 16”

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