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    Box 7A

  1. Piano/vocal score: The Friendly Beasts, 1962; separate inlaid paper indicates dedicatee as Shirley Verrett.
  2. Unbound piano/vocal score: The Friendly Beasts; printing instructions, 1994; two typewritten copies of text for this composition, n.d.
  3. Twelve unbound pages of The Friendly Beasts, piano/vocal score, n.d.; two copies of vocal part only, with pencil and/or white-out corrections, n.d.; two unbound, identical pages of section 3,4 and 5, instrument unspecified, but probably a violin part.
  4. Orchestral parts, The Friendly Beasts, with separate list of parts loaned to Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, May 1975.
    Bassoon 1
    French Horn 1
    B Trumpet
    Violin 1, 8 stands
    Violin 2, 8 stands
    Viola, 6 stands
    Cello, 6 stands
    Flute 1
    Oboe 1
    B Clarinet
  5. The Friendly Beasts, piano/vocal score, unbound, with pencil corrections, n.d., with dedicatee indicated to be Sara Henderson Hays.
  6. Pencil sketches of The Friendly Beasts, miscellaneous notes, tempi and key schematics, n.d.
  7. Full score, The Friendly Beasts, front cover penciled in red “Master Sheets,” January, 1964.
  8. Full score, The Friendly Beasts, front cover with note “score copy 1,” n.d.; inserted is a letter to Shirley Verrett, September, 2003; two errata lists, n.d.
  9. Full score, The Friendly Beasts, front cover with note “score copy 2,” n.d.

    Box 7B

  10. Collection of various texts, author(s) unidentified, gathered as possible libretto for planned composition entitled Ages of Love: A Cantata, with additional notes and sketches for instrumentation, key schematics, significant rhythmic patterns, n.d.; letter from the estate of Thomas Wolfe, 1958, denying permission to use a quotation. [Original file folder label was “Quake the Limbs of God.”]
  11. Folders a through f: Miscellaneous compositional pencil sketches, 1957-2005; collection of various printed, typed and hand-written texts in folder labeled “Poems for Music,” n.d.
  12. Photocopy of Lohengrin: Prelude to Third Act, full score, made in 1997 as evidenced by inclusion of copyright clearance statement.
  13. Full score, Sonorities for Flute and Orchestra, unbound, n.d., two copies
  14. Full score, Sonorities for Flute and Orchestra, bound in plastic spiral, n.d.
  15. Orchestral parts for Sonorities for Flute and Orchestra:
    Flute solo (2 copies)
    Horns 3 and 4
    Bassoons 1 and 2
    Clarinets 1 and 2
    Trombone 1
    Violin 1, 6 stands
    Trombones 2 and 3
    Violin 2, 5 stands
    Trumpet 1
    Viola, 3 stands
    Trumpets 2 and 3
    Cello, 3 stands
    Horns 1 and 2
    Bass Viol, 3 stands
  16. Full score, Sonorities for Flute and Orchestra, unbound, with hand-written errata sheet, 1971.
  17. Two piano scores of Mountain Tunes, by Wendell Kinney, 1936 and 1943; correspondence from G. Schirmer, publishers, 1949 and 1956, regarding orchestral and band arrangements of Mountain Tune, 195?; hand-written sketches for two compositions, Children Coming Home, 1996, and Merry Christmas Margaret Amelia, 1997.

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