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  1. Paper: "Shapes of the Void: Figural Definitions of Architectural Space," source unknown, n.d.
  2. Paper: "What the Tortoise Said to Achilles," Lewis Carroll, n.d.
  3. Paper: "A Theory of the Meaning of Names;" miscellaneous papers from a conference in honor of Alonzo Church, May 1990.
  4. Various papers, reviews by and correspondence from John Corcoran, professor, Philosophy Department, University of Buffalo, 1969-1986.
  5. Papers: "Phenomenology of Film Music" (1980), "Aesthetics as Philosophy" (1972), "Method in Aesthetics" (n.d.), all authored by Jean Harrell, California State College.
  6. Papers: "Criteria of Creativity" (1976), "Philosophy of Creativity" (n.d.), by Carl Hausman, Pennsylvania State University.
  7. Papers: Discussion and critical commentary on two previous articles appearing in Philosophy of Science, 1956, 1957, by Herbert Hochberg of Northwestern University.
  8. Paper: "What Philosophy of Biology is Not" (1969), by David L. Hull.
  9. Paper: "Music Theory, Phenomenology, and Modes of Perception" (1986), by David Lewin of Harvard University.
  10. Paper: "The Semantics of Singular Terms" (1962), by Gordon Matheson of University of Southern California.
  11. Papers: "Immanuel Kant and the Aesthetics of Music" (n.d.), "Schelling's Theory of the Metaphysics of Music" (n.d.), by Herbert M. Schueller.
  12. Paper: "The Black in Jackson's White Spirituals" (1981), by William Tallmadge, Buffalo State College.
  13. Papers: "Temporal Gestalt Perception in Music" (1980), "META Meta + Hodos" (1961, 1975), by James Tenney.
  14. Photocopied pages from Masks of God: Creative Mythology (1968) by Joseph Campbell; photocopied pages from unknown book [possibly by Jesse Weston?], n.d.
  15. File Folder a: Papers: "The Advantage of Semantic Theory Over Predicate Calculus ... " (1977), by Jerrold Katz; "Aesthetic Experience and Moral Experience" (1958), by Archie Bahm; "Signs and Minds ... " (1988), by James Fetzer; "The Scientific Image of Music Theory" (n.d.), by Matthew Brown and Douglas Dempster. File Folder b: Eleven different papers by Arnold Berleant, with brief correspondence, 19641984.
  16. Paper: "A set of Postulates for the Logical Structure of Music" (1929), by Susanne Langer, Radcliffe College.
  17. Correspondence between Robert Cantrick and Nelson Goodman, 1972-1973.
  18. File folders a and b: Assorted articles and papers, by various authors, 1937-1981.
  19. Printed drafts of "Music Theory Must Broaden its Ontology" with copious editorial notes, 1989.
  20. Print drafts of "Is Music Theory About Music?" 1990, referred to as "ASA Short" and "ASA Long" and apparently destined to be read at a meeting or conference in Texas.
  21. Draft of "Analytic Aestheticians Over-Simplify the Semantics of Music Theorizing,"1991; correspondence with Donald Crawford; critical comments from outside readers.
  22. Draft of "Philosophy of Music Theory," 1989; correspondence with Donald Crawford, 19891990; draft of "Rhythm of Reference," heavily edited, 1991.
  23. File folders a and b: Seven printed drafts of "Introduction to a Comprehensive Theory of Music," all dating 1988, with evidence of much pencil editing.
  24. File folders a and b: Four printed drafts of "Philosophy and Music Theory," 1988.
  25. File folders a and b: Two copies of dissertation Structure of Music and Structures of Language: A Semiotic Study (1977) by Joseph Oliva, Professor, Buffalo State College; several other papers authored by him as well as his curriculum vitae, 1986.
  26. Selected papers by Ronald Roblin, professor, Buffalo State College, 1977-79, others undated; his curriculum vitae and a letter of recommendation possibly written by Robert Cantrick, n.d.

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