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  1. [Found on Robert Cantrick's desk at time of death; items not in folder.] Print draft of "Implications by Quasi-Quotation"; pages 25-66 printed, of paper regarding quasi-quotation but unidentified; print draft of unidentified paper regarding sentence negation; two copies of book review authored by Robert Cantrick. Contents ca. 2004-2006.
  2. Offprints of "If the Semantics of Music Theorizing is Broke, Let's Fix It," published in British Journal of Aesthetics, July, 1995; various pencil-edited drafts of same with relevant correspondence, 1994-1995.
  3. Study notes on articles by Julius Moravcsik with correspondence, 1990-1997.
  4. Notes, reviews, correspondence regarding Generative Theory of Tonal Music, by F. Lerdahl and R. Jackendorff, 1985-1994; copy of paper by Philip Peterson, "How Music is About Emotion and Why it Matters," 1993.
  5. Two papers by Judith Lochhead, 1998, 1992, the latter accompanied by demonstration cassette tape of music examples; Robert Cantrick has added pencil notes and comments.
  6. Three tan/yellow folders of "Constructional Algorithms Appendix A," 1979-1980.
  7. Two copies of Appendices A,B,C,D, relating to "Constructional Algorithms" with additional pencil notes, all dated 1979.
  8. Various appendices relating to "Constructional Algorithms," 1980-1982.
  9. Copy of 43-page paper, “The Unconditional” by Robert Cantrick, 1981.
  10. Working notes regarding algorithms, 1983-1996,
  11. Four copies of articles from Journal of Symbolic Logic authored by Quine, Mostowski, Martin & Woodger, and Halperin, 1951-58.
  12. Study notes on algorithms, 1997.
  13. Printed liner notes for Juilliard String Quartet recording of Bartok's 6 Quartets; copy of piano reduction of Wagner's Tristan und Isolde, Intro. To Act I; piano-vocal score of same, "Love¬Death," n.d.
  14. Footnote material for "One Way to Construct a Music Theory," 1987.
  15. File folders a, b, and c: miscellaneous pencil notes and draft copies of "How to Construct a Music Theory"; copy of "What Time is It," possibly authored by Jo Ellen Jacobs, 1986-1987.
  16. File folder a: Pages 1-100 of "Comprehensive Theory of Music," and Constructional Algorithms, 1980. File folder b: Pages 101-242 continuation of "Comprehensive Theory of Music."
  17. Lecture notes and bibliographies for Psychology of Music, 1970.
  18. Lecture notes and bibliographies for Philosophy of Music, 1971-1976.
  19. Lecture notes and bibliographies for Anthropology of Music, 1970-1973.
  20. Lecture notes and bibliographies for Science of Music, 1971-1987.
  21. File folders a and b: many drafts and revision of "One Primitive Predicate for All Languages of Art," apparently submitted for publication, with relevant correspondence, 1972.
  22. Papers and course outlines from Philip Peterson of Syracuse University Philosophy Dept., 1995¬1996.
  23. Pencil notes for algorithms, 1998.
  24. Possible chapter "Sounds and Silences" for book, pages 202a-242, n.d

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