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Edward H. Butler Family Papers

Historical Background

The Edward H. Butler Family played a prominent role in the development of the Niagara Frontier for nearly 100 years (1880 - 1976). Edward H. Butler, Senior published the first edition the Buffalo Evening News on October 11, 1880. Upon his death in 1914, his son, Edward, assumed the role of editor and publisher of the paper. At his death in 1956, his widow, Kate Robinson Butler ran the paper. Shortly after her death in 1975, the paper was sold to Blue Chips Stamps.

Buffalo State College has enjoyed a long relationship with the Butler family. Three generations of members of the Butler Family served as Presidents of the College Council. E. H. Butler Library was named after Edward H. Butler, Senior.

Kate Butler Wickham, daughter of Edward H. Butler, Junior donated her mother's personal correspondence to the library in 1977. In 1976, she donated all correspondence of her grandfather and father covering the period 1880-1956. In 1985, the Buffalo News donated all business correspondence of the Butler Senior and Junior connected to the Buffalo Evening News. In 1987, The Buffalo News donated the "Kirchhofer Papers". Kirchhofer, editor of the News, was in the process of writing a history of the paper when he died suddenly. His research materials and the papers he had taken from the Butler family files (1880-1976) were kept together as a collection.

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Letters from Grover Cleveland

In 1996 the Buffalo News donated 10 letters written by Grover Cleveland to Edward H. Butler, Sr. to the E. H. Butler Library Archives. These letters are personal commentaries on problems of the day. The letter reproduced here traces Cleveland's concern about a scandal involving him on his chances for nomination as the Democratic nominee for President of the United States (a local newspaper had published a story accusing Cleveland of fathering an illegitimate child).

My dear Sir:

I was much pleased with your letter.

I have felt very much outraged by this infamous scandal and under advice have kept quiet though it has been hard to resist the inclination to speak.

One thing surprises me. How on earth could a boy with no friends but his industry reach the place at the bar, among the people, be begged to accept the nomination for mayor, be elected by an immense majority regardless of party, perform the duties well, be nominated and elected governor, receive the plaudits of all the good men of the State, and in all these things, work hard, and yet be a drunken debaucher? Some things are too ridiculous for belief; and it did seem to me that this was one of them. I see somewhere printed, a letter in which the editor of the Telegraph is called "a Christian gentleman." I should think that would make any Buffalo man laugh.

I shall write as you suggested to Mr. Jones. A friend such as he has proved himself to be should be fully appreciated.

I am always glad to hear from you.

Yours Sincerely,

/s/ Grover Cleveland

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