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Andrew Brown Choral Arts Collection


Donor: Andrew Brown Chapter Alumni Association
Date of Acquisition: November, 1991. Processed: 1991; reprocessed 2006.
1 box; contents, 1967-(ca.)1991

Historical Background

A tenor soloist at St. John Baptist Church, Andrew Brown (1929-1977) became the church's minister of music in 1955. There, he organized a hundred-voice choir and personally established concert series as well as composing popular and renowned spiritual songs such as "My Prayer to Thee," "In Jesus' Name," "Come and Go with Me to My Father's House" and "Lord, Lord." A native of Buffalo, NY, Brown was also involved locally and elsewhere in organizing, establishing and conducting church choirs while promoting his love of gospel music.

Installed as an instructor of music at Buffalo State College (then State University College at Buffalo), Brown became the director of the Pilot Musical Experiment Program in Gospel Music in 1967. Due to the program's success, it was instituted into the College's curriculum the following year. He directed the annual "Gospel Festival Comes to College" and remained active in teaching and community groups until his death in 1977.

In 1978, a Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Andrew Brown, the first director of Buffalo State College All-College Choir, by Dr. Joseph Wincenc, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, of the Buffalo State College Performing Arts Department.

Since 1978, scholarships and awards have been given annually to outstanding students who participate in Choral Arts at Buffalo State.

With encouragement and support from Dr. Joseph Wincenc and Miss Rosalie Turton, former director of the Buffalo State Alumni Association, an Andrew Brown Chapter was established in 1987 by Reather Walker Diamond (BSC '76), coordinator of the Buffalo State All-College Gospel Choir, 1973-1982.

The main object of this Chapter is to provide educational enrichment and assistance for people who have little or no background in music or singing.

The Chapter's future goal is to maintain an Archives and Music Library to preserve the tradition, legacy, and ideals of African-American Choral Arts directors and accompanists in the educational process of learning, searching, and serving mankind.

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Contents and Inventory

BOX 1:

I. Photographs and Mounted Images.
Folder 1-1:

  • Reather Diamond, 1973.
  • Paulette Brown (daughter of Andrew Brown, 1967-1976).
  • Marcelle Bichotte, BSC '90, Andrew Brown Chapter Ensemble, 1986.
  • Buffalo Arts and Music Youth Chorale, Dr. Donald Hilliard, Director, n.d.
  • Kevin Smith, 1989(?).
  • Scott Fix, n.d.
  • Dr. Tymas-Jones and soloist Mary Benderson (5 images), n.d.
  • Daryl Dennard, n.d.
  • Andrew Brown and the Buffalo State All-College Choir, 1972.
  • Buffalo State Gospel Singers under Director Andrew Brown, with Soloist Martin Moore, 1971.
  • Soloist Mary Benderson and Dr. Tymas-Jones (3 images), n.d.
  • Andrew Brown, captioned tribute program (1967-1977), 1985.
  • Carol Varner and Joseph S. Brown, n.d.
  • Services Honors Choirmaster -- Elizabeth Flood, Valery Carey, Geneva Davis, Cleo Butler, 1987.
  • Brain Spurlock, n.d.
  • Gospel Choir. Mounted photo with written caption: "Let Each Become All He is Capable of Being," n.d.
II. Duplicates Folder.
Folder 1-2:
  • Mary Benderson, Mezzo-Soprano, St. Louis, Missouri (3 images), 1988.
  • Benderson and Dr. Raymond Tymas-Jones and Choir (7 images), 1988.
  • Unidentified woman, n.d.
  • Carine Thereain, BSC '90, ca. 1990.
  • Paulette Brown, BSC All-Gospel Choir (2 copies), n.d.
  • Dr. Joseph Wincenc, Distinguished Teaching Professor (2 copies), n.d.
  • Reather Diamond (2 copies), 1973.
  • Marcelle Bichorette, 1990.
  • Christopher Putnam, BSC Sophomore/BSC Singers, n.d.
  • Sharon Gibson, BSC '89, ca. 1989.
  • Scott Fix, winner of the Andrew Brown Scholarship, 1991-1992, ca. 1992.
  • Miss Helen I. Brown, Principal of School #75 where Andrew Brown attended. Historian of the first graduating class at BSC, n.d.
  • Dr. William Tallmadge, Emeritus Distinguished Teaching Professor, n.d.
  • Dr. Raymond Tymas-Jones, Director of Buffalo State All-College Gospel Choir, n.d.
  • Dr. Andrew Brown, Director of Buffalo State All-College Gospel Choir, n.d.
  • Unidentified woman, n.d.
  • Buffalo State All-College Gospel Choir at Kleinhans Music Hall, 1969.
  • Buffalo State All-College Gospel Choir, 1971.
  • Buffalo State All-College Gospel Choir. Labeled: "Let each become all he is capable of being," 1971.
  • Martin Moore, Soloist (2 copies), 1971.
  • Buffalo State College Choir- Andrew Brown, 1972.
  • Buffalo State Singers, Dr. Raymond Tymas-Jones, 1990.
  • Buffalo Arts and Music Youth Chorale, Dr. Donald Hilliard, Director, n.d.
  • BSC All-College Gospel Choir, May 7, 1976 (2 copies), 1976.
  • Gospel Ensemble 1981, Michael Frazer, Director, 1981.
  • Frank White (2 copies), 1988.
  • Buffalo State All-College Gospel Choir at St. Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Church, 1976.
  • Brian Spurlock (2 copies), 1991.
  • Buffalo State All-College Gospel Choir, 1977.
  • Buffalo State All-College Gospel Choir (3 images), 1988.
III. Additional Photos - Photos of Individuals. Mounted.
Folder 1-3:
  • Reather Diamond, n.d.
  • Raphael DuBard, n.d.
  • Choral Group in Action, Andrew Brown, Director, n.d.
  • Choral Group at Nursing Home (2 images), n.d.
  • Catholic City Central Choir. Photocopy of photo, n.d.
IV. Unidentified Negatives, n.d.
Folder 1-4.

V. Programs and Activities.

Folder 1-5. Programs and activities. Mounted originals, 1970s.
Folder 1-6. Programs and activities. Copies, 1970s.
Folder 1-7. Programs and activities. Mounted originals, 1980-1985.
Folder 1-8. Programs and activities. Copies, 1980-1985.
Folder 1-9. Programs and activities. Mounted originals, 1986-1989.
Folder 1-10. Programs and activities. Copies, 1986-1989.
Folder 1-11. Programs and activities. Mounted originals, 1990s.
Folder 1-12. Programs and activities. Copies, 1990s.
Folder 1-13. Programs and activities. Copies, n.d.
Folder 1-14. Notices of dedication: Buffalo State College Choral Arts Collection: "A Living Dream: A Living History." Originals, 1991.
Folder 1-15. Notices of dedication: Buffalo State College Choral Arts Collection: "A Living Dream: A Living History." Copies, 1991.
Folder 1-16. Notices of musical pieces. Mounted originals, ca. 1980s(?).
Folder 1-17. Notices of musical pieces. Copies, ca. 1980s(?).

VI. Miscellaneous.

Folder 1-18. Loose identification labels. Originals, n.d.
Folder 1-19. Miscellaneous material/labels, n.d.

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